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Promoting Mental Health in India : A Rajasthan Government Initiative

09 Sep 2016

In India, it is estimated that 6-7 % of population suffers from mental disorders. Nearly 10 million-20 million Indians (1%-2% of the population) suffered from severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and nearly 50 million (5% of the population) suffered from common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety at the end of 2005, Health and Family Welfare Minister JP Nadda informed the Lok Sabha in May 2016, quoting data from the National Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, 2005, the last report available.

The Government understands the situation of mental health in India and the poor accessibility of mental health professionals as well. It has started working towards addressing major challenges such as lack of mental health manpower, financial aid and stigma, which are the major threats to developing comprehensive psychiatric services in the community.

For the purpose to promote mental health care in India, the 2nd Healthcare Summit Rajasthan 2016 is happening on 23rd September in Japiur. 

The primary intent of ehealth Healthcare Summit, Jaipur is to bring forward the Information Technology (IT) initiatives taken to facilitate quality care in Rajasthan. The agenda of this event is to celebrate and promote mental health care.

The 1st Healthcare Summit Rajasthan 2015 was a success last year and brought in the mental health status of India in the light. The Summit provided a platform for healthcare ecosystem to converge and discuss the challenges, strategic solutions, innovations and opportunities for the state of Rajasthan. 

The highlighted talks and discussion were about Public Private Partnership to deliver quality primary healthcare, technology for e-initiatives in healthcare in Rajasthan, opportunities for Public Private Partnership, investments in healthcare in Rajasthan, best healthcare practices in India, leveraging Corporate Social Responsibility, and healthcare infrastructure and its challenges and opportunities.

This summit aims to provide a vibrant platform for innovators and investors and to engage private companies with the state government. It will also be a platform for all the state health ministries to exchange knowledge and best practices with each other.

Many big names from healthcare sector and the government will be participating. Some of them are Dr. C V Dharma Rao, who is the Joint Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare; Veenu Gupta, Principal Secretary, Department of Health Medical & Family Welfare, Government of Rajasthan and several mission directors from Rajasthan government.

From the startup and corporate world, there are going to be Shipra Pawar, CEO of ePsyclinic; Sridharan Mani, Director & CEO, American Megatrends India Pvt. Ltd.; Virender Kaushik, VP and Head of IT Infrastructure, Max Healthcare and Aakash Shah, Director Sales, National & International Market, eClinicalWorks.

The event will primarily involve brainstorming sessions on digital healthcare, how it can be made further advanced and be promoted. High-level panels will include presentations, discussions and debates to identify potential solutions on the following:

1. Healthcare Insurance Schemes on the road of inclusiveness & easy accessibility
2. Role of Government of Rajasthan’s Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana in delivering ‘Quality Care’ & shift of workload from medical facilities
3. Mapping healthcare e-Initiatives across India
4. Mapping healthcare e-Initiatives across Rajasthan
5. Smart technology for smart healthcare
6. Best healthcare initiatives

Shipra Pawar, founder and CEO of ePsyclinic, is one of the speakers among all other esteemed speakers to highlight how technology can solve the mental health challenges, discuss about challenges related to digitalization of mental health care, how epsyclinic has resolved the issues so far and how it will resolve in future, and the need to collaborate with government to make mental health care more accessible and with less stigma attached to it and how government can help with these.

We will be further updating more about the event and the outcome of it.

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