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Dear Daughter, hear me out. Don' t give up like me!

08 Sep 2016

Dear daughter,

This letter is to tell you not to fall in a trap that we have in society for woman. Focus on your career my daughter and let no one tell you that you should live by the society..

Because if you agree my daughter to live by what society tells, leaving your aspirations behind.. this will happen my daughter..

When you  will get married, you will walk into a household with a lot of expectations, dreams, desires and a wish to be able to find a family of your own away from your family. Let me tell you, you will enter into a family that promised to welcome you with arms wide open, a mother in law who promised to treat you like her own daughter and a husband who gave in to your every request.

Though, reality is quite different. Things will shape up in the least expected way and many a time you will find yourself standing alone in your room, in front of a mirror and sobbing heavily.  Not for what you did to others, but for what you did to yourself.

The companion for whom you left behind your heart and soul, your mother, will ask you to be a puppet to his mother.

All the efforts and pain that your parents underwent to give you a settled, financial stable and enriching life will go down the drain with the blink of an eye. You will struggle and strive to have the man of your dreams.

You will be in a constant competition to win him over from his very own mother and sister. Mind games and manipulations will bog you down. Recurring comments on you and your mannerisms, inability to look after the family and needs of your better half will become a routine.


You will be stuck in a rut, trying to outdo your so called family. You will soon start hating yourself. For you were never the person you had turned out to be.

You will see your reflection and ask, where is that once upon happy go lucky, independent, satisfied, fun loving person. She will get lost in the depths of the never ending valley, dark valley.

Once the ambitious girl that you were, will be long gone.

For you will not be doing your own thing but living a life of broken promises.

For, your husband promised to fulfil all your needs and take good care of you. Though, this will be you biggest and the gravest mistake.

To lose your self reliance and self sufficiency is that last thing that you would want to do. You were not raised to be a professional servant, you were raised and educated to bring a change in your own life.

You are talented and nobody can snatch that from you. More importantly, never give it up for anybody else.

I did it. I did it all. I am suffering and I can’t see a part of me, a part of my very own soul, suffer yet again.

Do not commit the same mistakes as me, my darling.

I am broken beyond and shattered and cannot see you in the same place.

My dear daughter, don't follow your mother in this direction.. Don't get into the cycles of endless and worthless pain. 


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