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Why do people post on social media?

07 Sep 2016

As the society continues to become more individualistic, therefore, lesser social interactions among people and the technology is getting better by the day, social media has begun to play more significant roles in people’s life. It is much more than just to be in touch with people and know what is going on in their life.


They are not just showing off on social media platforms but it has become a channel to vent out too. Anger, hatred, joy, love and several other emotions. People use social media in pain too. They even update with their lost loved ones pics with them and sometimes, instantly as soon as they hear about the news or you will find people posting about their own miseries like a serious accident they had.


On 14 May 2012, UNESCO convened a facilitation meeting on WSIS Action Line C9 Media at WSIS Forum 2012 in Geneva to promote freedom of expression on Internet and social media. UNESCO has committed itself to enabling a free, open and accessible Internet space as part of promoting comprehensive Freedom of Expression online and offline. 

Hence, the importance of expressing oneself through social media is recognised on a global level.



Why people use social media to express themselves, even in the most difficult times?


This is because, most people now see social media as another spot for self like home. They find solace, happiness, venting out, expression in social media. People get toexpress themselves freely on social networks, either by words, pictures or videos. They get the opportunity of expressing themselves and talk about what ever they feeling at that moment. They even share other’s posts or content of similar views as theirs, or videos and photos which gives them a stronger feeling of belongingness. Given that they can reach a lot of people in a single go, it makes them feel feel more connected and secure. Social media has different kinds of platform too to help a person vent out in several ways. For example, Youtube can be used to share their feeling through videos, while they can verbally opine on Facebook and twitter and they get to know how many people share their views too. 


Social medias are especially useful for people who are introverts or simply like to avoid face to face interactions or have limited opportunity of social interactions. Social medias guides the venting out processes by providing focused forums. There are groups and community for specific issues and even give a fixed number of character to express. 

People who are using social media to express their feelings be it grief or any other feeling, there is no place for judgment for them because it is helping them get out of it. There is less fear of rejection and more self approval is involved by communicating and expressing over social media.

Keeping the debate of whether or not the social media is pushing people into the virtual world completely and the real world is dissolving, social media can at least be used to its possible benefits and start having open expressions! 

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