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A woman needs more than "Just Love" to be happy in life

07 Sep 2016

Women like men, have same aspirations, dreams and need for fun. Unfortunately, the role categorization for women gets stretched so much that they feel tied down.

Our role divides are so ingrained and part of our DNA that we look at a girl who comes home at 3am after a drink differently. But the perception for a guy doing the same thing would be causal, “he is a growing up boy having fun!!!”. “Abhi nahin masti karega to kab karega.”

She needs freedom just as much as a guy does because she just as human. She can choose to wake up at 9am if you wake up at 9am. She can choose to not give your son a bath one morning, if you choose not to do so all mornings. She can choose to not cook meals one day if you choose not to help her ever.

She can have an impromptu girl’s night like you do. She need not think twice before saying something to you, since she expects and wants you to keep cool, like her. She can get late at work for a sudden dinner invite or over a submission. She can feel lazy and just wish to sit and watch loads of TV with pizza and burger.

She too feels the same need to have fun, relax and chill as you men do. Let her be!! She too is a human.

Work and career are just as important to women. They want accomplishments and acknowledgement for their achievements too.

How to break the boundaries between a men and women?

Accept and understand that a woman too needs freedom, fun and her space along with love.

Participate in her chores.

Seek cooperation from her in your activities and needs.

Divide roles and responsibilities in a mutually agreeable way.

Give support and gain support.

Give your girl child freedom and teach them how to use it.

Avoid consciously to differentiate men and women. 

If as a woman, you are facing issues with not having full opportunities or if you are feeling low then

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