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PAPA I need you even more after my marriage!

02 Sep 2016

I want to tell you why I miss you papa so much and need you to be here with me...

When I had had a bad day, or be upset over anything, I remember you  coming to me and placing your hand on my head to simply take away all my worries.

You would just tell me everything is going to be fine and tell me all my good qualities and that I can work it out.

 I would just forget what I was worried about in the first place. Such was the impact of your mere presence.

I remember the times when a third person tried to hurt me and how YOU my father would do anything in the world to protect me. After mariage here, sometimes the family members here get bitter with me but then my father in law and my husband just keep watching. I need you here with me...

My opinions and suggestions always meant something to you and here, I am pushed around like an outsider by everyone. I am never asked for any opinion when big decisions are made for the household. 

Papa you had always given me the space and freedom to do, what I wanted to. You always trusted me with it. 

You would never want to control me and tiny details of my life. Here my life is just in everyone's control and I dont have your big voice here to shun all this absurdity... 

When my mother used to scold me or anyone else for that matter, you were there to protect  me, defend me, love me, be with me. 

Papa you thrived on my success and win. My achievments were yours.  But here  I won my employee of the year award yesterday yet no one even congratulated me wholeheartedly.... I  was expecting to make my new family proud,  but I feel my win is not a win any more .. 


Papa you have been always there, you are my rock.. 

May be replicating this bond will be difficult but atleast my new parents and my husband can try.. 

Dear Papa, wish you were around 24*7... Your love and care is my biggest treasure and here I realise this even more...

Miss you Pa.. Need you now more than ever....

Your Shruti

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