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Pre-Child birth Anxiety: Reasons,causes and management

01 Sep 2016

Motherhood is a big responsibility and a life transitioning event for most mothers. It’s a beautiful transition where a women realises how she can nurture a life.  

But being such a happy event, to many women, anticipation of the transition and changes in their lives  can also lead to a lot of stress and anxiety. There are various reasons behind this.

·Working women: For working women, motherhood often comes with a little more anxiety and stress. If they have decided to quit their work post childbirth, in that case a lot of them start thinking on life without work, changes to heir independence, having to take up more household responsibility and even being around their in-laws more than other times.

If the woman has decided to continue her work life, she has to think about who would take care of her child? When can she start office...Who would stay with the baby and so on.

· Pre delivery: A mother despite a lot of sonographies always has anxiety over giving birth to a normal child.

·Delivery process and the anticipation of the pain

·Change in life with husband and inability to get and devote more time to the relation.

·Ability to be a good parent.

·Fear over differences with husband and/or other members of family on child rearing.

·Ability to have sufficient breastfeed for the child.

·Anxiety over weight gain.

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How Can You Manage Pre Child Birth Anxiety?

·Understand your limitations and accept it

·Define roles and divide responsibilities with your spouse and other family members.

·Set expectations of you that are realistic.

· Plan your maternity leave.

· Join an exercise schedule specially meant for expecting moms.

· Share your child birth process related queries and fears with your gynaecologist and your psychologist. Don’t let wrong assumption bring in more anxiety.


We at recommend all parents to have a counselling session on issues listed above at least 2months before the delivery of the child.

It helps to ease the mother and also sets ground for happy parenting. By discussing your issue and objectively and finding a solution to it, eases anxiety.


So if you feel you are anxious over your motherhood, reach out to us, we would be happy to help you!! 

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