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Pain: Following an unending journey to find happiness

30 Aug 2016

Pain is inevitable. All of us, no matter how rich or poor, educated or illiterate, undergo pain at some point or other in our lives. Sometimes the pain lasts for a short time while at other times, it continues for long. No matter what the reason, unemployment, relationship break-up, death of a loved one or stressors at work, pain is here to stay. It might recede for a small time only to surface again with a different reason this time.

Let’s take a glimpse of Aditi’s life as an example. She was 7 years old when she lost her favorite uncle in a road accident. That was the first time she felt psychological pain. She had been physically hurt a lot of times but this hurt even without a physical element to it. She was a topper even since the beginning.


However, in class 7th, at the age of 11, she failed in mathematics. This came as a deep blow to her and she once again experienced pain along with disbelief and a feeling of shame. At 15, she entered her first relationship. However, it only lasted for 6 months after which her boyfriend broke up with her to date another girl.


She went through tremendous pain, hurting for the next six months, wondering what she had done wrong and what was lacking in her for him to leave her like this. Gradually she got over it and turned her attention to academics. She had dreams of joining IIT and worked hard to get in. But she couldn’t.


All her dreams shattered. She even thought of committing suicide unable to see any future without IIT. However, with the help of family and friends, she coped with it. She joined another prestigious college and completed her education. She was immediately placed in a MNC with a high salary package.


Three years into her job, the company went bankrupt and she was left without a job. She couldn’t believe it. She had worked hard, done all the right things and still despite her applaudable degrees, she was without a job. She soon found another job with a lower salary package. At her new company, she befriended a guy, soon fell in love and married him.


Their married life was blissful except for conflicts with her parents-in-law. She strived her best to resolve these conflicts, some did, some remained. She conceived two years after her marriage as planned with her husband.


Three months into the pregnancy, she suffered a miscarriage. She went into depression. It took months of therapy to get her out of that state. A year down the line, she became pregnant again and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her life took a turn for the better.


She gave up her job and committed herself to bringing up her daughter. Her daughter, Sia was 3 years old when she suffered her first seizure. Aditi was distraught when she discovered Sia had epilepsy. The symptoms were brought under control by medications. When Sia was 5 years old, Aditi resumed work again. However, she faced a lot of problems adjusting back to work environment and her daughter became cranky as she was used to having her mother around all the time earlier.


This was when Aditi came to us at ePsyClinic, narrated her life story and sought help.

Is Aditi alone in her life struggles and periods of pain? No. There is an Aditi in each one of us, struggling through life, falling down and getting up again. Pain and hurt are a part of life and they strike again and again. What is important here is to get up after falling down and resuming the journey of life. Sometimes you can do it on your own, at other times, professional help is required.

At ePsyClinic, we serve to enhance your coping skills to work with the pain and hurt in your life. A psychologist will work with you to-

1)    Take a detailed history of your current situation as well as significant life events

2)    Assess your current coping strategies

3)    Identify what is lacking or is dysfunctional about your present coping strategies

4)    Help you to switch to more functional coping strategies

5)    Help you make lifestyle changes

6)    Help change your perspective of viewing things and encourage rational thinking

These are just a few of the general techniques that the psychologist will commence with you. Depending upon your unique life situation, there will be further additions to the counseling plan, implemented individually as your personal plan.

After 5 sessions with an ePsyClinic expert, Aditi has learned to take pain in her stride. She has learnt to balance her personal and professional life. She has renewed her social skills required by her profession which lay dormant for so long. She is being the best parent, wife and professional out there. She now has the skills necessary to overcome any stressful situation.

Like Aditi, we at ePsyClinic are here to help YOU transform pain into an opportunity for learning and strengthening your coping skills.

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