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Breaking the cycle of negativity

28 Aug 2016

Do you often find yourself thinking that something bad might happen to you or your family? Do you resist driving your car thinking you will be hit in an accident? Do you think you are not good enough? Do you avoid going by the metro believing there might be a bomb blast? Do you think you can’t do anything well? Are you worried about how you look? Do you avoid going in crowded places for a fear of stampede?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you might be initiating and encouraging the cycle of negativity.

The thing about negativity is that it thrives on itself. Let me give you an example. Ajit was a confident young man working in a MNC and was all set for promotion soon. However, he was under tremendous pressure working on last minute deadlines. Being stressed made him feel on the edge. Despite all reassurances, he wasn’t sure of getting the promotion. He began thinking of what will happen if he doesn’t get the promotion. He could imagine colleagues laughing at him, and his wife rejecting and taunting him. This further led to a decrease in his self-esteem. He could no longer concentrate on his tasks or do them as efficiently as before. Finally, on the day of his interview, he was so anxious that he was unable to answer the interviewers even though he knew it all. Result: He could not get the promotion and all his fears came true.

Did you see what happened there? Ajit was all set for promotion and he would have definitely got it. But as negativity set in, it took the shape of a cycle. Thus, the negativity of his thoughts eventually led to the consequence which he feared in the first place.

Negative thoughts reinforce negative emotions leading to negative actions. If this cycle of negativity is not interrupted, it eventually leads to an ill effect on the physical and/or mental health of the person experiencing it.  Further, if these cycles continue, they may even lead to depression and anxiety.

How to break this cycle of negativity?

Now that we know negativity begets negativity, we have to take a step to get out of the cycle. ePsyClinic helps you do just that. Our expert psychologists not only help you break through the cycle but also make sure that your life is full of positivity leading to self-confidence, high self-esteem and resulting in an increase in productivity making sure you have a healthy and happy family life and career.

These are some of the steps ePsyClinic Psychologist will take you through in the quest to break the cycle of negativity-

1.      Identify personal triggers of negativity

2.      Visualize the negativity cycle

3.      Weakening the triggers

4.      Disrupting the cycle

5.      Getting a fresh perspective

6.      Engaging in mindfulness

7.      Lifestyle Changes

Depending on how long these cycles have been a part of your life, the counseling sessions required will be somewhere between 2-5 sessions. However, you will realize a world of difference after these sessions.

Take a session and start with breaking the cycle of negativity right now!


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