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"I am not good enough" syndrome and how to get past this?

27 Aug 2016

“I am not good enough”

“ I am not worthy of anything”

“ I don’t know should anyone be with me.”

“ I am terrible at everything”

“ I can’t make anything work!”

“ I deserve to be unhappy”

Self blaming and low self esteem runs high among people. Sometimes, you give your best, try hard, work hard, but still can’t give yourself credit or don’t want to take credit.

You could be constantly beating yourself up and wondering that no matter what you do, things don’t work out. somehow you should be doing more, and be better, and you don’t feel enough in your own mind.

You even reject people when they reach out for you and feel guilty for not being worthy of them. You want to isolate yourself from the rest of the world, because you think you don’t deserve anythings.


Some classic characteristics of having low self worth or confidence are as follows:


Social withdrawal and isolation

  1. Gets anxious easily and emotional frail

  2. Less social conformity

  3. Altered appetite

  4. Altered sleep habits

  5. Inability to accept compliments and think one is not worthy of it or the person giving compliments is faking it

  6. An Inability to be fair to yourself

  7. Magnifying and focusing more on the negative qualities

  8. Neglecting self and poor hygiene and grooming possible

  9. Constantly thinking that you have treated others badly and worrying about it

  10. Not willing to take challenges

  11. Reluctance to participate in activities think you may not be good enough

  12. Not willing to trust your own opinion and low reliance on your decisions. You may seek others to control things for you and decide for you.

  13. Having less exceptions from yourself

  14. Constantly telling yourself how bad you are


What could be the roots to low self esteem and confidence?


  1. Disapproving Authority Figures: The elders or authority figures in family or other places may be contributing to poor self image.

  2. Uninvolved loved ones: It is likely to lose confidence in yourself and start doubting yourself when the people you love are not reciprocating your love. It can be your parents, your spouse, your siblings and so on.

  3. Bullying: Being around people, constantly bossing you around, give less regard to you or to your feelings, constantly criticising you can do serious harm to your self esteem.

  4. Expectations from others: When people constantly tell you how you are not good and not meeting the expectation, possibly comparing you with others who have, it can me detrimental your self image to the point when you actually start to believe them.

  5. Repeated failure at something: It is obvious that your hopes can be crushed after repeated attempt at something which didn’t fare well. And can lead to more self blaming and low self worth.


Low self esteem and confidence is one of the major red flag towards serious mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. It is important that when you start to feel the above, consider getting help before things become difficult to manage. Counselling and psychotherapy can help you in many ways. To start with, it begins to change your malfunctioning negative thoughts into positive ones giving you hope and ways to believe in yourself again. And then identifies the areas which can be worked on so, that those thoughts don’t return.


Having an internal critic is good for improvement but when that critic is weighing you down and costing you your mental health, it is time to do something about it.

Professionals at ePsyClinic are trained and experienced and can help you if you are struggling low self esteem and negative self image.

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How does Depression Really Feel and Why Can't people just get over it?

02 Jun 2016


There is a lot of misconception around why doesn't a depressed person just snap out of it or just get over it. But like any other illness, Depression is one that the person has no control on.

This is how a depressed person feels...


1. Please leave me alone:  Depression  hampers a person's ability to enjoy once pleasurable social interactions. Its not like they don't want too. They do try but they can't! 

2. I am no good:  No matter how good things may appear to others or how much you wish them to see the bright side, when depressed, its hard to feel good about self. The feeling is overpowering and no the person cant shake the feeling by herself. If someone tells you, shake your fever down, will you be able to...

3. I feel fatigued and weak:  A chronic fatigue engulfs a person in depression.  Muscle weakness and general fatigue all day with unexplained body aches are often present in Depression.  

4. I feel being in bed all day:  A  person loses the energy and  the motivation to get up and go on with normal routines. Please don't label them as lazy because they are not.. Depression affects the brain areas known for controlling motivation and executive functions. 

5. Crying Spells:  Things small or huge can make a person facing depression crying like a baby. The uncontrolled crying is not to gain anyone's sympathy or attention. It is something that the person has no control on. Crying makes them miserable too.. 


Depression doesn't pick and choose and like all other health issues, it requires treatment and therapy. When you strain your back in a football match, you don't shy away from calling your physiotherapist, then if life's hard match has made you depressed, don't shy away from seeking help from a therapist!


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7 social and lifestyle factors that make Indian women most prone to Depression

30 May 2016


These 7 reasons in a woman's life can become a cause for depression! 

1. Lack of Social Circle &Interaction: Post Marriage, women who are not working are especially more prone to social isolation. The prolonged social isolation can cause depressive symptoms and even depression in women  


2. Emotional Abuse : Women who face emotional or verbal abuse are 100% more at risk of falling in depression than women who are cared for and respected at their homes

3.  Familial Isolation: Distance from parents and loved ones in women can become a cause of depression and low mood. 


4. Lack of brain stimulating activities: Women who dont work  outside or  have given up on their hobbies are more prone to depression than women who work and/or those who pursue creative hobbies. 


5. Monotonous routines: Women with same routine of cleaning, cooking, household chores each day with no pleasurable activity or "Me time" can also suffer from chronic low mood and depressive symptoms  


6. Lack of Appreciation and love: Women who are not praised or appreciated for their selfless contribution can also overtime develop depressive symptoms or even depression.


7. Lack of Independence to express self : Women who cant dress, talk, smile or even eat what they wish to definitely suffer from depressive symptoms and overtime fall prey to depression..


If you are facing depressive symptoms, try and change things in your lifestyle.. Be more active and social.. Take time for yourself and don't be a slave of someone else's opinion about you! Only your opinion should matter to you!.

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