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No Dear women, We haven't made it yet!

24 Aug 2016

Olympics 2016 at Rio is a classic example of how women especially in India, are coming ahead by their hard work and dedication. They have many social boundaries to break through to reach where they are. But we still have a long way to go. Only 5% of CEO’s in the world are women, only 1% of women inherit property, only 5% women on their own are in the category of super rich.

Have you wondered what stops us from being a larger population compare to men? Can we not overcome societal hurdles or limitations? Are we really weak mentally and physically compare to the men?

Equality is a state of mind and reaching out to our full potentials. We at can help you to really do so. We can be a driving motivating force and speed up the process of equality.

A woman is not successful only if she achieves big heights at work place. One is successful, by utilising their fullest potential in a manner they like. Importance is that one doesn’t feel thwarted. A lot of women succumb to social demands and find it tough to stand up for themselves. Standing up and being equal to men, includes being equal even with regards to sharing responsibility.

A woman can’t ask for a right in property like a boy, if she is not willing to share responsibility of her parents.   

Neelam Verma, MLLB with an experience of 5yrs in Corporate Law. Worked with a big firm till she got married.

Neelam was not told by her husband or inlaws to leave her aspirations, but focus became family life. Family i.e. her in- laws and husband got pampered by Neelam, who was willing to go to lengths to make them happy.

However, this satisfaction was short-lived. Neelam in a year delivered a baby boy.

She suddenly started feeling, that family life was leaving her feeling unproductive. However, now when she did bring up the topic of starting work she got cold response from her in laws. Her husband was fine with Neelam picking up work, as long as the child would be managed.

The other issue was, that Neelam felt that a gap of nearly 2 yrs would not give her a good work opportunity. She was feeling incompetent. All this was leading to anxiety and sadness in Neelam.

With this issue, Neelam came to me at I was able to help set a realistic goal for herself, which included work with ease of balancing her child’s care, divide work responsibilities and appoint help. She also took a crash course of 3months to refresh her corporate law skills.

With all this Neelam was able to resume her work. She also realised that it was her choice to leave work and it was not a bad decision then. It helped her to bond well with her family. To resume work now also did not mean she needed to lag behind. There were ways to work on things.

Things that I learn from Neelam, that I feel will help one to grow are:

  • Own up your decisions and enjoy them.

  • It’s never too late to start work, but you might just have to work a little harder and be willing to start a little low.

  • Life is not about all or none, it’s about making the most of available resources.

I would like to share one tip that could help all aspiring women to evaluate if they are using their full potential and if not where could the roadblocks be.

Skill analysis:

One would need to rate one self, on a scale of 1-5 (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest) on areas like:

  • Communication skills

  • Interpersonal skills and relation management

  • Educational qualification

  • Current success at work

  • Time management

  • Ability to reach highest management position.

This will help you to understand your own capabilities and quantify it.


Post this one needs to analyse, what you perceive as your roadblock in reaching success. A detail discussion on overcoming roadblock and understanding if they are read threat or perceived threat with your counsellor, would be beneficial. You can consult with me at or my colleagues too.

We at are here to help you chart your professional success journey!

If you are facing work, family or depression or anxiety issues, do not wait, get complete counseling and therapy to overcome your situation step by step.

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