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When women at home and work are the ones bringing each other down..

22 Aug 2016

While the world commonly says that women cannot befriend each other, it comes to be rather complex  when seen in reality. From subtle jealousy to the consuming insecurities, it seems that the women now feel less threatened by patriarchy and more by one’s own gender.

Home, workplace, common gatherings and societies, one often finds women trying to overpower other women through subtle ways such as sarcastic comments or magnified stories of one’s life. Sadly, this is often at the cost of oneself. One may have to struggle to appear ‘good enough’ and have to put up a false story that might pain, yet, one instinctually falls into the never- ending loop of making oneself feel ‘higher’.


“Ameera is a young working mother who struggles to maintain her say both in the house and at workplace. Living with a dominating mother-in-law, she expresses how she has to continuously prove her worth and cannot afford to be herself. From cooking better than her mother-in-law to being loved by the family members, everything seems like a task that she has to excel.

Perhaps, the same atmosphere and struggle continues at her workplace where her female colleagues manage to make her feel small and unworthy. She expresses how she has to keep outdoing them in order to maintain her position. This had made her feel low on confidence and self esteem, usually irritable and possibly always thinking about ‘what do to’.

Ameera shares how the irrelevant competition in her life has taken away the happiness and bigger purposes from her. She feels stuck.”


Women- of all generations, positions and contexts need to accept that their sharp behaviors can possibly cause more harm to others and self, than good.

It overshadows bigger and more important things and keeps us tied in an unimportant loop of finding space for oneself. Perhaps, what can be a major support to one another in moments of breakdown and insecurities, tend to become the reason of them.

We, as women, need to be able to believe in ourselves and not see each other as a threat or stepping stone.

This ought to increase the mutual respect and support and reduce the unnecessary tiffs that we create for one another. However, it is easier said than done when all your life you’ve had to struggle to make space for yourself- may that be in a person’s life or at workplace. Perhaps, it creates a sense of fear to lose that position that one has created through the odds and one unknowingly begins the race with the other.

A race that can never finish; a race that hurt you as much as the other.

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