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Leaving work is a Leading Cause of Depression in Women

18 Aug 2016

A notion of ‘give more time to their marriage’ is on the rise which is making more and women to quit their jobs after marriage.



In some cases, the in laws persuade the women to quit jobs to take care the family, in some cases women do it for childbirth and to take of the children and in some cases to manage the household.


Sometimes there is a change of city after marriage and no career opportunities are there in the new place which the career of the woman takes a setback. In some cases, the husband earns enough and hence people feel the wife need not earn and can take care of the family. The idea of marriage seems a huge deal to quit career.


However, quitting jobs by women also means to lose independence and more than just financial independence. Appreciating a homemaker for what she does still has a way to go and society still has to accept the fact that being a home maker doesn't mean that she is any less smarter than working women. So, a homemaker is always more susceptible to be taken for granted.

And that is exactly when most of the problem related to not having a job or career starts.


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Typically with leaving job, comes lack of motivation, lack of meaningful work, a disturbed routine, lack of self care and some self esteem issues that crop up which further can be leading to depression. Job or work gives a sense of self fulfilment and self satisfaction that starts to be missing upon quitting a job. When a woman leaves for work everyday or even if the woman is working from home and gets a materialistic or even non materialistic outcomes(such as praises, affecting other people lives etc.), it makes a person feel important. Also, with work comes a larger social circle, more people to interact with and research shows that people with more social lives are less likely to get depressed and people who have poorer social lives. The financial freedom is of course a huge advantage towards having a positive mind set.  

Women today are educated and have career goals which are crushed with marriage responsibilities. And their role as a homemaker is not always taken with the dignity and appreciation it should taken with. This creates a conflict, a crisis.


“ Did I do the right things by leaving the job?” “ What am I getting for losing what I loved to do?”


And then it leads to depression.

Then it is often seen that motivation to start it all over again also suffers. Women are still in the crisis. “Should I start with the job again?” “ How can I start with my career again?” “If I do start my career, how will it affect my marriage, my children?”

Any kind of feeling of crisis is detrimental to mental health. It all starts with negligence towards personal grooming and hygiene and loss of interest towards activities one used to like before. Eventually it leads to strong feelings of hopelessness, sadness and other negative affective states.

Activity: If you are not working then do one mentally engaging activity in a day, like if you enjoy writing then write, if you were a financial consultant then work on some financial model. Whatever was your core area of job, do 2 hours of work around that. Note your mood before and after the activity. Are you feeling happier and does the feeling stay with you? Do you feel less irritable around people post this activity If you see visible improvement in your mood and in your feelings, then you may well be going through a depressive phase because of not working.

Counselling then is neeeded & can help in this process. Counselling will help to develop a healthy approach towards marriage and work and will help to bring out of the ‘crisis’.

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5. And the final phase will enable you to see real changes in your working patterns, in your life patterns, you would actually feel the sense of happiness coming back, pleasure quotient increasing, improved decision making and performance improvements. The key down that you are facing now will be gone 

But just not that , you will also be equipped to handle challenges of future without falling in trap of depression again.

If you feel depressed or sad or you feel anxious and you are unable to regulate anything about your emotions, thoughts and actions and outcomes in life then Download IWill and start today:

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