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Depression is most common in women aged 25-40

15 Aug 2016


Why is depression most common in women aged 25-40.

There are many reasons for it!

Post marriage changes rock a woman's boat and also often lead her to feel totally alienated in an environment she is expected to accept of which she was never a part of. And then motherhood, wifehood, family issues, separation from parents, emotional difficulties all come together causing a lot of issue for the woman in this phase.

Seek help and Let it go!

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They get hopeless, motivation drops!

Do I have symptoms of depression?

If you experience perisistent low mood, it is likely that you will recognize many of the feelings, physical symptoms, thoughts and behavior patterns described below.


  •  Sad/Low/Flat
  •  Upset
  •  Tearful
  •  Miserable
  •  Irritable/low patience threshold
  •  Lonely
  •  Unmotivated
  •  Hopeless
  •  Helpless
  •  Irritable
  •  Angry

Physical Symptoms

  • Poor concentration
  • Poor memory
  • Increase or decrease in appetite
  • Lethargic/lacking in energy
  • Sleeping too much or too little


  •  No-one likes me
  •  I'm a waste of space
  •  I'm no good
  •  Things will never change
  •  I'm a failure/I'm going to fail
  •  I can't be bothered
  •  It's not worth going on
  •  Everything around me irritates and annoys me

Behavior Patterns

  • Spending more and more time alone
  • Staying in bed longer than usual
  • Keeping to yourself
  • Stopped doing the things you enjoy
  • Crying or weeping

Here is one case study that a lot of women in this age group can relate with !

I am that cool person you see on the streets who's good looking and supposedly living an exciting life. I am your regular happy person till you try and peep inside my heart. You will not be able to recognise me.  I have a happy mask on my face and nobody can guess what's going on. I have hidden too damn well for so long.

I am a 27 year old working woman. I have a beautiful child and a very loving husband. I have had a very fulfilling and happy life and I had no reason to be depressed till I lost my mother 2 years back. She was my mentor, my strength and my everything. I lost a big part of me. Everyone consoled me and gave me ample time to get over it. They said it’s part of life and everyone who comes has to go one day. But it was difficult for me to let go. I couldn't. I had no sibling. She was my only support. My dad had left us when I  was just 8 for another woman. I felt stranded and ditched again. I went on with my life smiling but my heart has not stopped crying since even for a day. People think I have moved on as everyone does one day or the other. I started hiding my feelings. I thought I would get over it sooner or later. I have suicidal thoughts now and I feel out of control with this deep depression. I can’t tell a thing to anyone. I don’t want people to think I am mad or over reacting. I don’t have courage to face people’s assumptions. I also don’t want to sadden my husband and my child. I know it will impact my small happy family a lot. I can't burden them with my issues. My friends and family think that I am one of the happiest people around. But I am scared of myself and my emotions now. Too much bottling up is breaking me now. I don’t cry in front of anyone ever but I cry a lot when I am alone. That inconsolable cry scares me. I feel lonely. I don’t feel like working either. I love what I do but I am not able to concentrate anymore. Everything seems like a blur. I question my existence. I internally panic over small things but these pent up emotions are making it too difficult for me. My happy mask will wear off soon. I can’t hold on to it for long.

Somedays I do feel that things are looking up for me but the next moment, everything comes crushing down and I feel more miserable and depressed. I can’t even blame others to not understand my feelings. I have hidden it so well till now. I am scared to express what I feel. Negative emotions will portray me as a weak person. After my dad left I was always taught to bury my emotions and be ashamed of any emotion that isn't 'positive'. Me and mom had tried to live the isolated life on our own.  Few changes were mandatory for us to survive. Now those same teachings are challenging my total existence. I am tired of portraying that I am happy. I am not. I am not able to cry even in front of my loved ones. I feel trapped in my own body. I am depressed and I need help but how do I stop pretending  and take help. I can't take it any longer. I am not able to live a life of pretense any more. I panic often internally. I can’t hide it any longer. I don’t just want to look happy I want to feel happy too now. 



Seek help and Let it go!

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