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Dear Husband, be in my position for 7 days!

08 Aug 2016

Always I hear, ohh as a woman you keep nagging. Its like you have all the world problems. I face the heat outside in office and work more than you do. 

So why not be in my shoes for one week. And let's see if yoou like it.. 


So here we start.


1. While I get to live with my parents, take care of them, for you meeting your parents will suddenly become a luxury. Even if you want, you probably can't meet them in this week. Taking care and spending time with your family will no more be something usual. It will be a huge event because  you  will be doing that only once or twice in a year. 


2.  While, if I make a phone call to your parents,  I will become a great "Bahu". For you, I will expect you to take care of my family, attend to every little thing that they wish for just like I do.Even when I am unavailable for them!


3. Its a big day for you at work. You have just got your promotion. When you come home all happy, instead of praising you, my family members will say wow your "Wife" is so supportive.. All credit goes to her for letting you work and excel and be there for you.No one will think its your hardwork!


4.  You will rush from work back to home.(if you are lucky enough to be still working:))  You will wait for me to come back home  while I will be hanging out with my friends till late.


5. Doing the household work and taking care of the kids will be eventful and your 24*7 job. How dare you think otherwise?
6. All rituals and ceremonies will be around me the wife and you will be a co-participant with minimal involvement
See how it feels like? 
You will understand that I work and can get tired too. I need my own personal time and personal growth. The reason of my existence is not just to take care of you and your family. I have expectations of having a reciprocative relationship from our marriage. I am not nagging..I am depressed and I need to live as you do..  
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