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ADHD in Adults

06 Aug 2016


You must have heard of children with ADHD as there is high rate of ADHD in children. But have you heard of Adults suffering from ADHD?


If you are wondering how it is possible then answer is YES it is possible. Adults with ADHD must have symptoms since childhood but some are recognized and diagnosed while other remains unnoticed. It doubles the risk of behavioural, cognitive and emotional issues and difficulties further adding up to their difficulties in maintaining healthy relationships and work.

Below are given certain challenges which one may face having ADHD as an adult:

·         Difficulty in completing a task at once

·         Increased aggression and difficulty in handling aggression

·         Problems in getting along with colleagues

·         Frequent mood swings

·         Low self-esteem and self-management

·         Disorganized

·         Increased difficulties in relationship

·         Frequent job change and decreased performance

·         Difficulty in meeting deadlines

·         Poor time management

The above mentioned symptoms are persistent and disruptive which can be traced back to childhood.

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Problem at Work Place

Adults suffering from ADHD face increased difficulties at their work place. As their lack of attention ordistraction has direct impact on their productivity, difficulty with time-management, frequent shift from one project to another, presence of forgetfulness, lateness, absenteeism, increased errors,  further facing difficulty in getting along with their colleagues, frequent job changes, unemployment further creating increased financial burden for them.

Problems in Relationships

ADHD has direct impact on relationship you share with your friends, parents, siblings, spouse, colleagues. Many adults with ADHD report that they face difficulty in maintaining healthy relationship with their friends, family, colleagues and spouse as they may display significant negativity in resolving conflict with others. Partner of adults who goes unnoticed from ADHD doesn’t understand the reason behind their spouse inability to finish work, poor listening skills, difficulty in communicating their point of view, which might be viewed as a sign of ignorance and that they don’t care about them and their relationship. Difficulty in understanding their mood fluctuations, and been seen as a person who is been blamed for each and everything without any fault might create a red flag for your relationship.

Imperfections leading to low self-esteem

No one is perfect but adults with ADHD struggle a lot with their imperfections which take a toll on their self-esteem and confidence. Increased negative emotions and feelings which make one feel bad about one-self or worthless. One can be hard about not been able to complete work on time, forgetting, been called as unreliable. Feeling negative about self make it easy to see others as perfect. Adults with ADHD are very critical about themselves which may be due to their difficulty in concentration, relationships further viewing them as their underachievement and failure further seeing self as not worthy. This can also be because of receiving negative messages from other since childhood.

How can we work towards it?

One can work on it with these few simple steps in order to handle relationship, work and one’s psychological and emotional health.

·         Work on self-esteem: replacing negative thoughts with positive ones’ as negative thoughts can result in anxiety, increased worry, feeling of helplessness or worthlessness impacting self-esteem and confidence. One can learn replacing negative thoughts into positive thoughts with professional help. Don’t try to work on it alone as one might end up converting thoughts in wrong direction which further can increase your problem.

·         Small steps towards goal: try and break-down your goals/work into small steps. Write down your steps and try and accomplish them one by one rather than jumping from one step to other without completing previous one.  

·         Planners: make planners and list for each and every thing. Put reminders which will help you remember your appointments, deadlines at work. List can help to keep a tap on your daily schedule, task to be completed, and projects. Use of timers can also help you to keep an eye on time.

·         Prioritize: ask yourself and make a list of work to be finished based on the importance of task. Prioritizing task can help you to complete your work on time effectively.

·         Reward yourself: try and reward yourself verbally or with things on accomplishing each step on regular basis. Remember to reward self immediately after accomplishing your goal and steps.

·         Work on your relationship: try and see/understand others perspective. Simply ask your partner or other individual and listen to them. Let them describe their point of view and big NO to ask any question or intrude in between when they are talking, at that time your task is to listen. Try and talk to them when neither of you are in negative mood or upset.

·         Exercise: inculcate exercise in your daily schedule for an hour every day. Get indulge into something interesting and fun activity which you can stick to. It can be in form of meditation, swimming, playing football and any other activity of your interest.


ADHD can disrupt your ability to work effectively or realise your best potential. It can impact your own self esteem deeply. ADHD is a well manageable disorder and Therapy Can help most effectively and tremendously.

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Just click the green chat button on left and Type "ADULT ADHD " to connect instantly with a psychologist and know more about the process


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