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3 symptoms of Anger that require immediate therapy intervention

23 Jul 2016

Anger is usually an emotion that makes us aware of our own likes, dislikes and our value system. 

So in itself its not a bad emotion. But the way we channelise it makes the difference. 

When anger no longer remains a healthy way of understanding one's likes and dislikes and becomes a way of power control or venting frustration, it is imperative to seek help. 

Here are 5 anger symptoms that suggest intervention s required:


1. Hitting Self or others/slamming doors/breaking things: If your anger gets so out of control that you hit yourself, or you hit others around you then you need immediate intervention to break this chain of explosive anger. 


2. Internalising anger and resentment: If you are feeling angry on someone or an issue and rather than talking about it in a healthy manner, you have locked those feelings in your heart and day after day, the resentment is building and causing you discomfort and also creating rifts in your relationship, then you need an outlet and therapy to help you vent out and with a psychologist's support gain the right perspective

3.Out of context anger: If you find yourself getting angry on small things, sometimes things as trivial as someone taking time to respond to you, or if you have asked someone to do a task and there is a normal delay in it or at a traffic jam and this is almost a pattern then you need thought restructuring as this not only will cause your own self harm (anger leads to many physical health issues in the long run) but will also make you unpopular with people around you. 

Anger when expressing itself in one of the above mentioned ways is extremely unhealthy and demands urgent intervention.

It not only breaks the person and his/her loved one psychologically but also can cause a lot of physical health issues. 

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