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5 Ingredients of a Happy Marriage

15 Jul 2016

These are the 5 things needed to build a happy home and marriage.

1. Equality: Marriage is of equals and not what we have been made to believe all our lives. A woman and a man in a marriage should have equal opportunities and should be a party to decision making. A home is happy where both partners work together  

2. No Nasty Arguments and Snide remarks: When two people live together, there will be differences of opionion and that is perfect. However channelising arguments as nasty remarks or snide one liners on your partner is hurtful and creates a negative atmosphere.

3. "We" before "I": In a marriage, lives become intertwined so decisions have to be taken many times thinking of each other, not of just self.  Families that think as we are happier at the end of the day

4. Trust in Each other: Nobody and we mean Nobody should be able to pervade the trust that you two have in each other. Trust on each other is the most important thing.

5. 0 Emotional Abuse: A relationship of man and woman is always linked strongly to emotions hence also is prone to emotional abuse. Emotional abuse may seem to work initially (things like "getting angry if the other person has difference of opinion, stop talking or hurling abuses) but in long term, this causes depression and several irrepairable issues in a  marriage. Ban emotional abuse from your home.  

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