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Post-Marriage Depression in Indian women

14 Jul 2016

Marriage, especially for women in a patriarchal society is a huge transition process.

The feeling of having the world upside down is a feeling every woman goes through during the initial days of marriage. Being the centre of attention in her house to being not valued much after marriage is something a lot of women can relate with.

The struggle with new responsibilities and expectations is overwhelming in itself. But with the feelings of worthlessness and feeling trapped and bound in loveless and thankless bond, comes depression.

Depression among newly weds, especially women in India, is becoming more common and we at have seen an exponential rise in early marriage depression cases.

Riya (Name Changed) was 25 years old, when she was married. Riya was intelligent and exuberant. She was the sunshine of her house before marriage and Riya would be bubbling with life all the time.

However, after marriage she faced a whole new situation at her new house.

No one asked her about her day anymore, no body asked for her favorite dinner dish to be made at  home, her opinion was no more her mom in law or dad in law's wish, she was never involved in important household discussions.

Even her husband was always busy  with his own, mother in law showering love on sister in law.  

She missed her home where every night, her mother used to make the dish that she loved the most.

She missed her home where her father after coming from work, came straight to hug her daughter.

She missed her home where her brother shared all his love, his day activities with her. She missed the home where her happiness was kept at the top pedestal. 

She started to feel out of her place and started to miss her home and her parents even more. She started to wonder, considering that she left her own home for her husband and in laws, doesn’t she deserve a bit more credit, love and attention?

Riya tried to make herself valued, she would take take of her mother in law, help out her sister in law all the time and would do everything to keep her husband happy. Still she couldn’t make herself a valued part of the family. 

Soon she began to have an identity crisis. And began to question her existence. “Am I just there to cook food for people and clean the house?”, “Will anyone even care if I leave the house?”.  It was too much to ask for and too much changed. 

She went quiet, mechanically did her chores and started spending more time in her room At times, she was irritable, sad, angry, felt loss of space and loss of love, loss of identity and importance.   

Her brother came to visit her one day and saw her his sister as a completely different person. There was no life in her anymore. He knew she needed help.

He contacted us at IWill app by to handle Riya’s situation.  


Riya is doing well now, regaining her energy back. We had couple sessions and made sure that her husband and through him the family understands  she needs to be valued.  Her opinion matters now. Her husband is more caring than ever and she is hopeful again.

Please treat your daughter in laws/your wife with the same love she got in her home. Nobody can loose all that he/she had in one day.

Why make your wife/daughter in law lose it. If a few days, her favourite dish can be made, will that not bring only happiness for all?

Early Marriage Transition is the most difficult time for a woman and it sets the stage for her life experiences and wellnes.. Think and lets change for a happier life.. 


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