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If you have been hurt by your own people, self reflective therapy can help you

09 Jul 2016

We all come to be hurt by our loved ones at different points in life; however, some hurts stay in us for a lifetime.

It gets difficult to forgive, leave apart forget and despite many efforts and consolation, we keep living in the fear of getting hurt again. While it is human to get hurt, the hurt that does not get resolved takes away our ability to be happy and lead a smooth life. Such was the case of Monica.


Monica joined therapy years after her breakup expressing that she is unable to move on. Perhaps, she spent long hours thinking “why he left me”, “maybe it was my fault”, “how could he do this to me” and so on. Clearly she was hurt and unable to let it go. She kept repeating these questions in her mind, which kept her relationship still alive for her.


Monica was stuck in the moment where she got hurt and was still living that moment. This repetition had to be broken so she could move on; however, it is easier said than done when you do not want to let go of someone you loved.

Psychoanalysis helped Monica see that she is choosing to stay betrayed and hurt for the rest of her life. It is perhaps, her way of keeping her partner with her, though only in mind. Through this realization, Monica could see that she is still living in the past and decided that she needs to move on and get back to being the person she was. Psychoanalysis gave her the space to express her anger and hurt, which never found a listening ear before. It also helped her see why she is clinging on to the anger and how it is affecting her. Through the course of therapy, Monica could find better ways of expressing her hurt, let go of it and perhaps, let go of the partner. She could, finally, get back to being the person she was.


Are you carrying some hurt in you?

·         Feel low and sad most of the time.

·         Lose temper easily.

·         Feel lost and directionless about life.

·         Keeps thinking about past and how one could have changed it.

·         Feel like you have changed as a person.

·         Cannot bring your interest or motivation to daily life activities.

·         Depression, anxiety and panic phases.


How Psychoanalysis can help?

·         Help you see what really is paining you.

·         Allow you the space to process your hurt.

·         Support you in moving ahead in life without carrying traces of that hurt.

·         Help you develop healthier and authentic ways of being.


Reflective Analysis is a space for you and about you that does not push you towards getting rid of your hurt and move on; rather it allows you the space to process that hurt and find worth and meaning in it. Perhaps, once that meaning can be found in other possible places, you won’t need to carry that hurt, ever.

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