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Child care is more fun with shared responsibilities!

08 Jul 2016

Often in India, Child care was dependent on one parent, mostly the mother. But that kind of unequal responsibility leads to distress and less fun. 

These 5 reasons make Participative Child Care by both husband and wife a treat and memorable journey !

1. Taking care of the child together helps the most in  family bonding. Not only the child grows better and more confident, the bond as a family grows stronger. 


2. The moments of togetherness make the father too relive his childhood. 

3. Collaborative child care cuts the stress on just one person and also thus wipe away fights arising between couple as a result of perceived inequality of child rearing reponsibility. 

4. Woman and Man when work as a team can help stop the woman alone compromising her sleep and rest and thus help in reducing the risk of post partum depression



5. Being closer to the child and observing them not only helps in making memories but also helps in taking minutest care of the child. It just steps up the parenting experience. 

Practice the joint child care as a team and see the difference. 

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