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5 things that mean you are being emotionally hurt as a wife!

08 Jul 2016

Here are the 5 things that indicate you are going through emotional hurt and abuse 

1. Persistently demands and retains control: What you should be wearing, whether you should be working, who you should be going out with and by what time you should be back. If all this is controlled by your husband strongly, it is a sign of emotional controlling and abuse 

2.Humiliate, criticise or yells at you: No matter what you do, if your spouse finds a reason to criticise you or yells at you and if you are scared to raise a point to him then definitely you are suffering from emotional abuse. It is detrimental to your confidence, self-esteem and mental health. 

3. Puts you and your accomplishments down: No matter what you achieve or do, its never an accomplishment for him. If he is always putting you down, you are suffering from emotional abuse 


4. Blames YOU for his bad behavior: If your husband says that because you are so irritating or you do things so wrong that he is forced to behave badly with you, my dear lady he is emotionally abusing you and you are in a relationship that is causing immense suffering to you 


5. Blames you for things not happening well in his life: If there is something that goes wrong with him, he finds a way to put the blame on you. Dear woman, you are not lucky or unlucky. He is being a coward and a bully in putting the blame on you. 

Emotional abuse is the worst and it leaves scars more permanent than even physical abuse.

Seek help: Erasing the impact of emotional abuse that has impacted and individual for a long time, though difficult is not impossible. Psychological counselling can help you here. You could be wondering how.

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