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Anxiety issues and the risk of developing Heart Issues

02 Jul 2016

Nearly three in 10 people suffer from anxiety symptoms at some point in their lives.

Feeling anxious before an important exam or when encountering a threatening situation is normal. However, it becomes problematic when this anxiety gets out of hand and causes such distress that it begins to interfere with the ability to lead a normal life.

Recent researches report that anxiety disorders no longer merely affect you psychologically but physically as well. They significantly increase the risk of developing a heart disease and having a fatal cardiac event. A 2010 study by Roest reports anxiety to be associated with 26% increased risk of coronary heart disease and 48% increased risk of health-related death over the next 11 years. Anxiety more than doubles the risk of a coronary blockage or having a heart attack.


How Anxiety leads to Heart Disease?

· Anxiety increases the heart rate

· Anxiety can lead to rise in blood pressure and when chronic, further to coronary disease and heart failure

· Anxiety decreases heart rate variability thus resulting in higher incidence of death after a heart attack

Further, for someone who already has heart disease, anxiety worsens the condition by interfering with-

· Making the patient stick to exercise for fear of having anxiety attack

·         Taking medications on time

·         Following proper diet

·         Getting adequate sleep

·         Carrying out job responsibilities confidently

Both anxiety and heart disease may also be linked to chronic stress. With current stressful times, all of us undergo too much pressure. This leads to surges in panic attacks and anxiety which further increase blood pressure leading to cardiovascular disease. Conversely, having a heart condition furthers anxiety and the vicious cycle creates havoc in the person’s life.

In view of this, it is very important to keep your anxiety symptoms in check.

Treatment of anxiety disorders has long-term benefits. Anxiety disorders can be controlled via medication as well as with psychotherapy. Therapy involves techniques to manage anxiety, cognitive restructuring, relaxation exercises, exposure therapy and many more.

Anxiety disorders are treatable and getting them treated cuts down half the risk of heart attack. Take a step now to get rid of that anxiety and make yourself and your loved ones safe.

Anxiety disorders shake the very core of an individual’s life by plaguing it with worry and fear.

However, these disorders are treatable.
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