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Don't be so difficult dear sister in law!

20 Feb 2017

I just wanna tell you five things my dear sister in law. 

So here  go..

1.You may feel that I am odd one in this house and that I am the irrelevant one.  But why do you feel that way? I would have loved to stay in my own home and live with my parents... The society that we live in has structured these odd rules. As a woman my age, should you be empathising with me for the pain I am in or should you be making me feel awakward and unwanted here?

Please remember this will happen with you too when you are married. I am sure you wouldn’t like it then. Would you?

2.You may feel today that your brother should be closer to your mother and you than he should be to me. But why? Havent you been dating your boyfriend and don't you talk day and night with him fantasising on phone about the honeymoon you would have or the fun you would share post marriage?

We are living in 2017... Can we please keep this tug of war business aside? It is draining. Lets be honest that men and women in a marriage or in a relationship do get as close as human beings can be both emotionally and physically. If we accept this and move ahead, life would be simpler! I am sure you wouldn't want your to be man to be tossed around like a ball!

3. When you talk to your mother behind my back, honestly that is the worst! It is a low that is unimaginable. I mean how much do you know about me? Ofcourse I wear makeup and I am ambitious. But have you too looked in the mirror? Are you not wearing make up. Or don't you have ambitions? Then why this hypocrisy. Why cant women tolerate other strong women? Are we only this good ? 

4. You may feel that you should be given more importance and I should be given less importance in the house! I am fine with this as long as your brother or should I say my husband is not the furniture you want o include in "your house". For my man, I want to be the most important and I am not ashamed of saying that. I left my home for him. He is the vision for my future and I better get this love back with INTEREST! I am sure you would want the same from your life too! 


5. If you think that I should be shown my ‘place’ in this family by behaving badly or discriminating against me, I am sure you won’t feel good if you were shown your place too. I can slander or insult you in minutes the way you  try to!

But I have more respect for women around me.

Frankly speaking before marriage, I thought you will be my friend. We share age, fashion, taste and so much more...

What we don't share is my husband. 


He is your brother and he is my husband.

I won't expect gifts on rakhi as long as you don't spoil the plan by expecting a dinners from him on valentines day!

It was weird this 14th feb when you asked for the same... 

Lets have a meaningful and happy life... Meanness can be left to the medieval ages!

Guess why I am so assertive? I have been in therapy and know how to be open and straightforward so that I can ensure my HAPPINESS! 

Manisha Malhotra


If you are facing unhappiness & discord in your life due to in-laws and other adjustments or you just want to stand up for yourself, be empowered and have a voice then you gotta invest yourself and your time in it! 

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