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4 reasons that lead to distance and pain between husband and wife

23 Jun 2016

1.Lack of time for each other: Emotional dissatisfaction creeps into marriages when partners are unable to spend time with each other. Bitterness worsens when one partners needs are not looked into by the other. It’s very important that partners come to a mutually acceptable way of spending time with each other. 

Time for work, parents, children is ok but we spouse is the ultimate support system and they need your time !



2. Lack of compatibility on matters related to sex and display of intimacy: A lot of marriage have come to an end due to sexual incompatibility. Unfortunately, sex is mere tool to reproduce. Very often the other extreme is sexual perversion and sexual abuse of the partner.

3. Emotional and physical abuse: Emotional and physical abuse is a very common cause of marriages losing its pillar’s “Trust”, “love”, “affection” and “protection.”Men are equally susceptible to physical and emotional abuse in marriage.

4. Extramarital relations:  Extramarital relations is one of the biggest cause of failing marriages. It often leaves the one cheated on, feeling angry, hurt and dpressed.

These 4 things are coming in the way of healthy marriages today and a lot of couples are facing discord in their relationships for them. 

If you are facing trouble in your marriage and you identify one of the above causes, try and change things for better. Make time out for each other as eventually all the success and fame will come and go but relationships stay forever. Try and understand your partners need from your relationship and work on enhancing compatibility. Emotional or physical abuse is an absolute dead end for a relationship. So never indulge in it! And as for extramaritals, the extra marital will also lose its freshness and charm in sometime. Thats's not what relationships are for. They are there for stability and support. So cherish you relationship with your spouse

If you see your marriage on the rocks, do not wait.  Time may only increase the distance, Instead seek help now!

Online Marriage Therapy at ePsyClinic can even be successful in cases where one partner is willing for therapy and the other is not.


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