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5 Signs of Dyslexia

22 Jun 2016


 Here are the most common 5 symptoms of Dyslexia that you shouldn't ignore in your child.

1. Difficulty in recognizing rhymes: child has difficulty in differentiating between vowels and similar sounding alphabets which make it difficult for them to pronounce adequately and can also lead spelling mistakes like: bad-bat, dear-deer.


2. Lack of interest in reading: even with lot of motivation pull they still show decreased interest in reading. They will try and escape from the situation wherein they have been asked to read from books or ask to draw. One leading cause of this is their difficulty in recognizing, understanding and recalling shape, words and concepts. 

3. Difficulty in framing sentences: they will be able to frame short phrases like “I sleep”, “Go shop” to name the few. Shows difficulty in framing sentences even at the age of 5-6 years, during which they should be able to frame sentences and make story by looking at pictures. 


4. Difficulty in remembering order or sequence: they face difficulty in remembering dates, days, month name, or even their date of birth. As by age of 3-4 they usually get aware of the today date, tomorrow, yesterday and with age of 5-6 they tend to anticipate birthdays and holidays. 

5. Difficulty in following directions: they have difficulty in following rules and regulations at school. If you ask them to bring spoon or fork they will get you only spoon. As they might not be able to understand all details in complex or lengthy commands and direction. Higher possibility of hearing only few words in starting or in end. 

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