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ePsyClinic's HOME BASED ADHD Assessment & Management program for your Child!

22 Jun 2016

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder affecting  children. It is diagnosed by the age of 7 and it is important  to start therapy and a program based intervention as soon as ADHD is diagnosed to help child overcome the hyperactivity, lack of concentration and lack of coordination issues., India's largest online and home based mental, emotional, child growth and behavioural mega clinic understands that you need the best for your child and nothing less than the best works for you!


ePsyClinic's ADHD management at HOME is a Multi-Disciplinary Home & Online based ADHD management program spanning from 9 to 15 weeks to help your kid excel, leaving Behind ADHD 


Who is this Program for ?


·If your Kid is 7 years of age or older.


·Displays some or many signs and symptoms of ADHD like: Hyperactivity/Lack of concentration/difficulty to organise tasks, inability to wait for one's turn, inability to sit when sitting is expected for instance in classroom, tuition, during work

Why your home and not a clinic or hospital?

Ofcourse Home is more convenient for you and your child but thats not the only reason, why our services are available at your doorstep.

Research suggest that children learn and retain new focus and concentration behaviors more swiftly at home environment. Not only this, assessments and observations that aid in diagnosing and managing ADHD are done best at home since child is at his/her comfortable best and therefore is unlikely to display situation specific hyperactive behaviors. The management through games, play, study and thought restructuring can also happen best at Child's home environment. 



How does it work?


If your child displays ADHD symptoms, then we start with a proper assessment of your child at your home. You can book an assessment appointment and our expert clinical psychologist will come at your place on a preselected time for an observational and interview based assessment of your child.  


This observational and physical assessment will be followed by an Online assessment with you (Parent Interview).

Based on the results from both, a formal assessment will be prepared along with a 15 week Home based Therapy and Management plan for your child and will be shared with you.

The Plan will be carried out and delivered by our Child psychologist and occupational therapist at your home each week. The plan will only include behavioural therapy routines for your child but also will involve various activities and proprietary ePsyClinic games geared towards helping your child excel.


The week wise plan will be focused on improving concentration, enhancing academic performance, help in retaining focus, calming hyper behaviour  etc. depending on what is applicable in your child's case. 


How do our services compare with Hospitals & Premium schools?'s ADHD Management at Home  is a premium service and is available only at select locations in Delhi.

The psychologists and doctors assigned for your child's excellence are one of the best in the country and have been carefully selected and further trained for superior outcomes of therapy! 

Just Click the Pink Chat Button and Type "ADHD SERVICES" to instantly connect with a psychologist to know more about the process and charges 

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