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5 things both men & women need from their relationship!

17 Jun 2016

  A man and a woman both have innate need for love! Here are the 5 things that both need and 5 things that make their bond stronger!

1. Nurturing: The child in us never dies and therefore a Husband looks to be nurtured often pampered by his wife and so does a woman expect the same from the man. Where nurturing is present, there is no space for grudges and quarrels: 


2. Being each other's Driving Force & Support:  We all rely on people around us to help us be a better person, a more successful human being. Relationships where a man and woman both bring out the best in each other and help each other grow, are the ones where there is no space for jealousy. 


3. Trust in each other and being trustworthy: Being trustworthy and gaining trust go hand in hand. Woman and man who involve each other in life's pains, secrets, aspects gain each other's Trust. Also couples who keep trust on each other can survive all pains in life.. 


4. Intimacy: Both Husband and wife need love and intimacy from a relationship Expression of love in couples not only helps in strengthening the bond but also helps in keeping stress way under control. 


5. Time for each other: A couple's happiness is directly proportional to the time they take out just for each other. Everyone is busy and work demands are understandable but not having an hour's time in a day or half a weekend together, is linked to depressive relationships. Both partners need each other's time and thus couples who make for it, lead a happier life together...

Try and include all these things in your relationship! And you will see, life is really good!

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