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A wife's confession: He is obsessive and not in Love with me!

10 Jun 2016

Here is a story of the "Possessive Love of a husband" that Pooja had to go through.... She booked a session online at and she shared her suppression in the name of love that many women go through and that by many in friends 

1. Going out dressed up without her husband was never an option. Pooja's Husband used to get upset, angry and used to throw tantrums at her when she used to go out dressed with her friends


2.  If, she used to talk to her father a lot or praise him or visit him, he would get angry so much so that, he would stop eating food with her. When she asked what happened, he said to her that he doesn't like the fact that there is another person in her life who she loves so much.. He needs her completely and undivided. He would shout, yell and throw things in range of anger. He even hit her sometimes and then said "SORRY"


3.  Any slightest of praise for her looks, her work, her skills made him jealous. His face would turn red and later he would fight with his wife. When she said, what was my fault in it.. he said, you try to please everyone and I don't like anyone praising you.. that is reserved for me


4. He used to stalk her phone, her emails, her movement everytime just to keep an eye on her.


5. She joined work, initially he was ok. But once or twice there were events and parties for which she got late. He got so angry that he pushed her and was about to hit her. He hurled abuses and made assumptions that she must have been dancing with the "men'" at her office. Ultimately she was forced by him to quit job...



6. Like all women go to their homes in summers, she used to as well. Her husband would call her and always make snide remarks of how she must be meeting her old male friends, how she is enjoying with her family and he was there alone


When Pooja spoke about his obsessiveness to her family and even friends, they instead of supporting her, said that you are so lucky to have someone who loves you this much. Nobody understood that she was almost bound, in fear and constantly worried about his behavior or what would make him upset. She was distraught when she enrolled for online counseling at We helped her gain confidence and learn to stand up for herself, we also engaged her spouse in therapy to slowly but steadily work on his dysfunctional pattern. They are still undergoing therapy. 

Obsessiveness is not love. It can suffocate. If you are in a difficult relationship, Please don't hesitate to seek help from, India's number 1 emotional and mental wellness service provider. 


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