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Helping your child improve his/her analytical abilities

07 Jun 2016

Academic learning these days is confined to achieving high scores by writing it down in the examinations.

This will ensure the child will get good marks, the stream of his choice, a good course and college later on.

Apart from mugging up and having a good score, we also want our children to learn to deal with the problems around them and to be able to fit in this increasingly difficult world that throws problems at us day-in and –out. It is these analytical skills that will take them forward in addition to their academic performance.

Analytical skills refer to the skills that enable the child to think by themselves instead of relying merely on what they have been taught. Preparing the child to answer multiple choice questions discourages him from thinking out of the box and stifles his creativity. Teaching them what to think instead of how to thing does not prepare them for unexpected real- life situations and makes them vulnerable to dangerous people and situations.

Let me give you an example.

When I ask you for possible uses of a box, what will your response be? Most likely, something to store things in? What else? Are you finding it difficult to think of more?

Let’s try asking the same question to a 4 or 5 year old child these days. Can you imagine the kind of responses you will get?

Here you go – it can be used to keep things inside, can be used as a make-shift table, can put something in it to wrap and gift, can use it as a bin, can use it to put dirty clothes inside, your cat can sleep in there, can make a pinhole camera with it, use it to view solar eclipse, can use it as a magazine rack, use it as a ironing board, a jewellery box, or grow plants in it.

Phew, did you think of those? That’s analytical thinking for you. Something that has been snubbed so many times right from our childhood that now we can’t think beyond what we are taught no matter how hard we try. However, children still have time to learn these skills and that’s what this article is about.

What are the advantages of analytical thinking?

Analytical thinking boost creativity among children and results in a better intelligence quotient (IQ) thereby improving their language comprehension and inventive thinking. It makes them better at solving problems of day-to-day life.

How can we encourage and boost analytical thinking in children?

There are several ways to ensure that your child starts thinking analytically and does not become a robot that our current education system makes them out to be. These can be done by-

1)      Starting early. The younger your child is, the better his/her analytical thinking can be molded and trained.

2)      Avoid pushing what you know. Let him/her think for him/herself and don’t give a solution right away.

3)      Encourage them to ask questions. Curiosity should never be suppressed. Asking questions means they are thinking.

4)      Ask them to consider alternative solutions to a problem. This will increase their creativity and flexibility.

5)      Ask them to clarify the meaning. Ask them what they have read in their own words.

6)      Ask them to write. Creative writing gives them a chance to express themselves.

7)      Certain activities like puzzles and games also boost their analytical thinking.


How can we at ePsyClinic help?

We assess the child’s current level of analytical thinking by means of questions that you may put across to the child or by making them do certain designated activities. Once we have a fair idea of where your child is currently with regards to the analytical thinking, we build on it. We have several activities and behavioral games to boost the child’s analytical thinking skills and to make them think outside the box. We will supply you with weekly worksheets and monitor the child’s progress each week.

If you wish to help your child develop analytical abilities and excel, you can get complete Online assessment, Online Video based interactive exercises and analytcal ability building therapy routine led by a Child Psychologist 

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