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5 Anxiety Symptoms in Women not to b Ignored!

03 Jun 2016

Anxiety is a really tough disorder to manage. It makes a person slave of worrying thoughts and hampers a person's normal day to day functioning. Here are the 5 common symptoms of anxiety that you shouldn't ignore 


1.Automatic Excessive Worrying: You are likely to have anxiety if you start worrying excessively automatically over small issues. For instance a new mole on your hand can make you worried that something is wrong or the worry could be about losing your job. The importantt point here is not what you worry on but the pattern of worrying which in case of anxiety is excessive, automatic and often appearing uncontrollable 

2.Uneasiness and restlessness: Once the worry phase has started , feelings of uneasiness and restlessness will seep in. You may suddenly get up,feel more thirsty, start walking. The anxiety will surely not let you calm down. 

3. Muscle weakness and numbness: Post the worry period , you may feel weak and numb. Your body will feel like its paining everywhere or you may feel extremely weak. This happens because during anxious phases, our body hyperventilates and thus when that feeling is subsiding, the sudden loss of tension makes one feel numb. This numbness however can co-occur with anxiety phase too. 

4. Fear of passing out: Most people with anxiety have experienced this. The fear takes over them to an extent where they get a feeling that they will pass out or there is a sudden de-porsanlisation or detachment from the surroundings. 


5. Stressing over future anxiety experiences: Once a person has experienced anxiety, they are alwayys worried about future anxiety episodes as well. This worrying further adds to the anxious feelings and only makes the person feel worse about himself/herself 

Anxiety is a disorder that takes our calm away and keeps us on the edge. It must not be ignored as prolonged anxiety can affect not only the person's quality of life but is also known to cause physical health issues. 

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