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5 things that make your Marriage relationship a depressive one!

01 Jun 2016

Marriage is one of the most integral part of a person's life.. But a depressive marital relationship can make a person depressed too.

Here are the 5 things that make relationship, a depressive one! 


1. Lack of Trust: In many relationships, there is absolute lack of trust. Husband doesn't share the details of the finances with the wife, wife doesn't trust the husband with her personal issues. Living together 24*7 and yet not having trust on each other can make the relationship a real depressive one.

2. Lack of Fun Time Together: Where the definition of spending time together is restricted to watching a tv program together in the night, there a relationship lacks the fun quotient. Activities like going out on long drives, a romantic date or an evening chit-chat session at home with coffee, can add a lot of happy flaovour in the marriage. Lack of these activities, ideally atleast one activity a day makes the relationship a depressive one! 

3. Fights because of a "Third": If you are fighting with each other constantly because of someone else, say mother in law or sister in law or a colleague, then your relationship is turning into a depressive one. Ideally there should be no space for fights between you two because of anyone else.. The bond should be strong and robust...

4. Lack of Respect: If there is lack of respect in the relationship, everything has gone for a toss. As partners, Life sharing souls, there should be ample respect for each other, each other's opinions and values. Mutual co-existence is the key to a happy relationship. Without that, the relationship is a depressive one.

4. Lack of Equality: It's a relationship of equals. Husband and wife both bring their value in the relationship. No one is superior. A relationship based on equality is the one that flourishes.. If one member keeps sacrificing, overtime the relationship is bound to change into a depressive one. 

Living in a depressive marital relationship makes the couple indivIdually to be more prone to stress and depression and other mental health issues. 

One should strive for getting the discord away from the marriage. 


If you see your marriage on the rocks, do not wait.  Time may only increase the distance, Instead seek help now!

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