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5 common social & life experience causes of Social Anxiety

31 May 2016

Social Anxiety is an anxiety disorder where person develops an excessive fear of being with people, expressing hinself/herself in front of others. The constant fear of embarassing himself/herself in front of others causes intense symptoms of blushing, trembling, sweating, feeling of loss of words and a constant flight mode of wanting to leave the social situation as soon as possible. 

It is a debilitating condition where the person really suffers at the hands of his/her thoughts and feelings and pushes himself/herself to isolation. Isolation further makes the person prone to Depression.

Social Anxiety can be caused by genetic factors as well as environmental and life experiences. 

Here we highlight 5 major life and social factors that cause social anxiety in a person.

1. Bullying: If a person is bullied and is targeted through constant negative words and insults by co-workers/people at home/peers on his/her appearance, abilities, work, laughter or any other attribute, then overtime the person is much more prone to developing a negative image of self and resultant Social Anxiety 

2. Body Shaming: People around us have always an opinion about how we  look. If a person gains weight or if his/her face changes post an illness, a constant body shaming exercise starts from all around. This leads a person to be develop body image issues and a person starts avoiding social situations to avoid remarks and questions. Overtime this social avoidance may change into Social Anxiety 

3. Social Isolation: A person say a woman post marriage has a smaller social circle. She stays more and more at home. Overtime she may become conscious of social appearances as they happen few and far between. In many cases, a person can develop Social Anxiety Disorder

4. Past Uneasy Social experiences: A person who has had past experienes where he/she forgot what to speak while on stage or had goofed up in a play/interview, social situation at home and work place and if this experience was followed by snide remarks, fun poking by other people, it may lead to anxiousness of being in similar situations again. This kind of social anxiety is situation specific in most cases. 

5. Financial Struggles and Issues: Hardoworking men and women who have been excelling in career, when they develop financial hardships and have a group where generally people are affluent, they start avoiding their peers. If the financial struggle continues for long and so does the avoidance, Social Anxiety may develop. This is seen in both men and women.

Social Anxiety takes away from us the best we can be, it takes away our ability to enjoy. This is one condition that can later cause Depression and is linked to a very poor state of life. If you or someone you know is battling Social Anxiety then you must know that the disorder is manageable with rigorous Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

At you can get complete help from a CBT expert online via video/chat/call counseling. We have helped 1000's to get rid of their social anxiety disorder. 

To start Consultation, Just Click the pink Chat button on the botton left of the page and Type "Social Anxiety". You willl be instantly connected to a CBT expert who will guide you through the process and fees. 




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