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7 social and lifestyle factors that make Indian women most prone to Depression

30 May 2016

These 7 reasons in a woman's life can become a cause for depression! 

1. Lack of Social Circle &Interaction: Post Marriage, women who are not working are especially more prone to social isolation. The prolonged social isolation can cause depressive symptoms and even depression in women  


2. Emotional Abuse : Women who face emotional or verbal abuse are 100% more at risk of falling in depression than women who are cared for and respected at their homes

3.  Familial Isolation: Distance from parents and loved ones in women can become a cause of depression and low mood. 


4. Lack of brain stimulating activities: Women who dont work  outside or  have given up on their hobbies are more prone to depression than women who work and/or those who pursue creative hobbies. 


5. Monotonous routines: Women with same routine of cleaning, cooking, household chores each day with no pleasurable activity or "Me time" can also suffer from chronic low mood and depressive symptoms  


6. Lack of Appreciation and love: Women who are not praised or appreciated for their selfless contribution can also overtime develop depressive symptoms or even depression.


7. Lack of Independence to express self : Women who cant dress, talk, smile or even eat what they wish to definitely suffer from depressive symptoms and overtime fall prey to depression..


If you are facing depressive symptoms, try and change things in your lifestyle.. Be more active and social.. Take time for yourself and don't be a slave of someone else's opinion about you! Only your opinion should matter to you!.

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