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Why do I miss my Mother so much after Marriage?

29 May 2016

My Dear Mother in law,

I want to tell you why I miss my mother so much..

1.  On a weekend sometimes when I wake up late in your  home, you are angry with me

while at my mom's home, my mother used to put her hand on my head with love and care. 

2. You love your son and your daughter, while I am standing staring, I miss my mom who shared her laughter with me

3. I enter the room, my husband you and my sister in law are talking and you suddenly get awkward and quiet, while my mom at home used to share her secrets with me.  

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4. Me and my husband come from office, he gets a glass of water and is welcomed, while I am ignored. Back home my mother used to pamper me 



5. I do a mistake, you get angry and complain to my husband. Back home, my Maa too scolded me but never involved anyone in it...



How can I not miss my mom?

How I wish things could be like...


6. You too share a laughter with me..



7.  You treat me and your son equally 



8.  You give me attention too.



9. You let me sleep an extra hour and don't get worked up with me because you know weekends is when I get sleep and I am your daughter too 



10. You are happy to see me with your son and want us to spend more time together



Dear mother in law, if this happens why will I miss my mom so badly as I do now.. Why will I not be your daughter..Why will I not want to have you with me.. I want a mother.. can we please let the in law go away? 



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