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Are you contributing to your Sadness and Pain in Life? Self-Reflection Therapy has the answer

10 May 2016

When Kriya's abusive relationship with her husband was taking a toll on her emotional and physical health her friends told her that her happiness and peace of mind was in her own hands. She, however, saw them only as words which are easier said than done.

Surely these words are easier said because often we don't know what we really want and how can we escape the loop of sadness and betrayal.

Kriya, 29 yrs old, fashion designer is a successful woman married to an emotionally distant and physically unavailable software engineer. While there were no scars on her body to explain her pain, she was deeply dissatisfied and disappointed with her marriage.

She was unvalued and very insignificant in her husband's life, who was busy in his own work and lifestyle. Nevertheless, she chose to stay in the marriage each day, hoping that it will someday get better. Alas, each day in the last 5 yrs had been the same- struggling, disappointing and alone.


When Kriya joined me for Text therapy, she could not think beyond the 'society' as the sole reason of staying in the marriage. She just knew that it would not be right to leave her husband; however, she did not 'why'.

Over the sessions she could see that she was paying back the debt of her parents by trying to behold a successful marriage. Perhaps, she felt responsible towards her parents and saw this marriage as the only way she could 'payback' or be 'good enough' in her parents' eyes.

This self-reflection allowed Kriya to see how she had been constantly trying to make her marriage what her parents would appreciate. Perhaps, her constant efforts to change her partner was to only make him ideal in her parents' eyes and her feelings of disappointment and struggle was a reflection of how she thought her parents would feel.


This self-reflection drastically changed how Kriya felt about her marriage, her partner and even herself. She did not see herself as a 'loser' anymore who had to prove herself to her parents and eventually could not see anything wrong in her marriage.

She realized that she has a different life that may not get appreciated by many people and she does not have to seek approval from anyone. Perhaps, when she stopped pushing herself towards her own disappointment and sadness, she found what she had been looking for- contentment!


Reflective therapy allows one to explore parts of oneself that are masked by everyday issues and helps one find the actual problem.

With reaching the cause, we are often able to reach the 'cure' and understand how to make things better. Perhaps, it is especially needed when we ourselves are the cause of the pain and sadness in our lives. With reflection, we find how we contribute to our sadness and find an alternative way of living. 

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