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Mom you are precious! Nothing can replace you.. Thank you

08 May 2016

A Mother is a Superwoman. She nourishes and carries us for 9 months in her womb.

One can see happy tears in her eyes when she first sees us post delivery and when we call her Maa for the very first time. Not only for the first time whenever we call her Maa a spark of happiness and love can be observed in her eyes.

We call her with different names to name a few,  Mom, Ma, Mum, Mommy, Super Mommy.

Mother is as Precious as a Pearl, as Sparkling as a Diamond in our life. She always shields children as her treasure and her love is unconditional for her children. Mother is the only person who can pray for our happiness even when she is going through a rough phase. 

She is the only one who when falls sick or unwell is worried that her children will get distressed or will get upset. She is not concerned about her own health but is more worried about its impact on her kids.

Mother is a precious gift of God. We should be grateful and thankful that she supports us throughout our life.

She is the one who always will be thinking about us before herself.

She is the one who will wake up all nights for us when we are working. She is the one who will be nursing us day in and day out when we are unwell. 

She never gets tired. Does she ever take a leave? Does she go on a vacation? No she doesn't. She just works for us day in and day out. Nothing in this world can replace her.

She is intelligent, gracious, all rounder. Beside this mother holds on many titles every day. To be specific, she sometimes plays a role of CEO of house as she is the one who takes care of all household chores involving heading kitchen, education and takes care of all our needs. 

She is keeper of our secrets, irrespective of good or bad news, about our likings or whether it’s about our first crush she will be the first person with whom we share our secrets with.

She is our Finance Manager, balancing family finances in an intelligent way.

Whenever we are in need of money she will top our list. She is our bodyguard, our personal chef, lifeguard, teacher, personal assistance of entire family.

Mother is tender hearted, she is full of love, care, kindness.

She is full of patience, doesn’t envy, and is not rude.

 It’s beyond words to express love for our mother who helped us to walk, talk, and complete our school assignments, in selecting our dress for any occasion and who is standing beside us in our thin and thick. 

One way we can show her love is by showing respect to her. As kids sometimes we get irritated too with our moms and sometimes in fit of anger, raise our voice against her.  Let's never do that. She is tender. She gets scared and she gets hurt.

As she will grow old and frail, the feelings that one day she will be gone will haunt us. So we should treasure, cherish each and every moment with her

To all the mothers a big bow to all of you for what you do for us and for always loving us unconditionally despite faults in us and for being always with us as our mentor, guide, and friend.


Most importantly for being our World Favorite Maa. Love you Maa! You Rock! 


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