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A wife's journey from India to Hell! A true Story

06 May 2016

Archana, 29yrs, PGDBA in Finance and had a work experience of 4yrs.

She got married on 5th Dec 2014 and moved to Australia after marrying Shekhar. Shekhar was a marketing head in a retail company in Australia. It had been 7yrs since he had moved there.

Archana and Shekhar had met in May 2014 through local Indian matrimonial. Both belonged to an upper middle class Tamil family. After matching their horoscopes their parents had given them a permission to chat online with each other.

Archana was impressed, Shekhar was a modern, self-made independent guy. Archana’s parents were conservative and thought that chatting 3times was enough to know about Shekhar. He was educated, self-made and settled in Australia. Their daughter was lucky to get such an excellent proposal.


A big fat Indian wedding and Archana and Shekhar were married off. Like all newly married girl Arhcnana was excited. Shekhar and his family had promised that she would study further and work like her husband in a big company.

 She was dreaming of a good career and life for herself. Moving to a foreign land was a dream come true.

But this was not going to last her long. Bitter reality struck her in the 1st week of moving to Australia.

On the second day Archana got dressed and took to streets to see the nearby locality and purchase some grocery, while Shekhar was away at work. That evening, on the dinner table Shekhar and Archana were talking about how they spent their day. When Shekhar came to know that Archana had stepped out he got extremely angry.

At first Archana could not understand why Shekhar reacted to it. He hurled abuses at her and called her names.


She was shocked to learn that Shekhar believed that she had stepped out to impress the Australian men on street. His anger was not displayed in words but even in his actions. He broke glasses, threw all the food on the floor and even banged doors. Archana was petrified beyond words. She had never imagined that this could happen to her.


Soon this became a story of everyday. Archana would be locked inside the house while Shekhar would be away at work. She was not allowed to talk to her parents in his absence. She was confide to home and domestic chores. She was denied a will to even step out.

Her wish to study was a dream that would never come true. She was expected to cook new dishes every day. She was expected to keep the house clean.

Dress up before Shekhar gets home and be a nice wife to him. Agree to all his wishes even in bed. Her opinions were not even heard. Shekhar would take her out to purchase grocery every Saturday. She was not allowed to talk politely to anyone in the store. Such behaviour were deemed as inappropriate by Shekhar.


Archana was living in hell. After 1yr marriage Shekhar got Archana a laptop to order groceries online. Since he could not tolerate her going to stores. One day Archana came across our site while browsing on the net. She reached out to me on

At first she was hesitant but glad that she had got a chance to talk to someone. It had been a year she had spoken to anyone.


We helped her to get in touch with her parents. With their support she filed for a separation and moved back to India. Archana now is an independent working woman. With support and counselling she was able to start a fresh.


Through this post, I would like to request all parents of a daughter’s. Don’t marry your daughters off just like that and if you do, take responsibility.

Be sure of their wellbeing. Try to analyse the attitude and values of the family and the boy you are getting your daughter’s married off to. Job, money and looks can be deceptive.


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