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A wife's Life explained in pictures.. Heatwarming and soul-wrenching must see

08 Sep 2017

It all Starts..... 

The happiness She feels that She will be soon with the Man she was meant to be with.. Butterflies all around her.. 


Her wedding is a dilemma only she can understand.  Its like her heart is being torn into 2.. She is leaving the one place she knew was HOME to build a new one, she has no idea of....


She still walks with confidence and hopes.. dreams and prayers with her Man that she trusts more than herself today...


She Steps in the new house.. The first day morning, she wakes up and embraces the house as it was always her own.... 


But her dreams are shortlived....Soon she starts realising that its going to be  wait and only wait for her husband to spend some time with her..


And while at home she faces anguish and anger from her new mother ...

That nothing she does is right... If she is working, she would have some respite at her work place... But due to being unhappy at home, even her work will take a toll!


And when she tries to share her pain and her needs with her husband.. manytimes this happens... Emotional abuse and yelling and fighting! 


This becomes a pattern and she starts losing her happiness and desire to feel good...  It puts her at  200% risk to fall under

Depression & go in the vicious circle of darkness..


Is this the fairy tale life she had wished for???

Could this have been averted?





The couple spend atleast 1 hour a day to relax and enjoy each other's company

And her mother-in-law & new family spends time with her as a daughter 


Her husband supports her and loves her... understands that she is here in this marriage only for HIM


She will now trust the world and build a happy home... her fairytale can come & has come true..


How beautiful is this life.. How happy can it be.. A wife is your new life and  your daughter in law is your daughter.. Let's help her realise her fairytale.. A tale your Sister and your daughter saw and shared with you too...



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