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20 Apr 2016

As Mothers and Fathers, we often feel that we know the best for our child. But even after our best efforts, we see that our children want something else and they see things different than how we perceive.. 

Like we enroll them in a class that they later leave.. We coach them for excelling in an area that they seem to have no interest in... And this results in us believing  that our kids no matter what their age want to be rebellious or do things that are opposite to what we suggest as parents.... 

But there is nothing more inaccurate than this thought...

Where we seemingly fail is that we do not understand our child's psychology , their mind and their passion.. What they like and what they fear and unknowingly, we project our own understanding of the world & of wants on them... Unsurprisingly results in this approach are not so great... 

So what needs to be done? Important is to understand your child's individual psychology and tailor make your parenting to his/her needs. 

How can you do that?

We here at can help you.

Our leading Child behavior and psychology expert will run a series of online interactive master class (4 sessions of one hour covered in four weeks) to help you understand your child's psychology as well as help you in customising your approach to your child. 

How will this help? It will result in your child's happiness and increase their trust in you. Also your parenting will become more scientific and hence will help in achieving better results for your child. 

The Fees for attending the 4 session masterclass is just 399 INR

The sessions will have two batches:

Saturday & Sunday : 3:00 pm tp 4:00 pm


So what are you waiting for Enrol now!  Just Click the pink chat Button and Type "Parenting" to book your slot. 


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