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An interview with Kushal Tandon on how he keeps himself mentally & emotionally fit

20 Apr 2016

Kushal Tandon, a familiar television face from Big boss and Khatron k Khiladi and several other television soaps is all set to make his way through the B-town. He is humble and full of energy and talks about his own ways of self correction, doing the right things and empowering oneself, to Moulika Mandal, counseling psychologist at


“I talk to myself a lot. I usually get all the answers from myself and that has been my funda.”

“For anything, if you have a proper system and you follow it properly, it will help you with your physical fitness and mental fitness.”


You are quite young and you are already a popular television star, you have made your ways through reality shows. Can you elaborate on the struggles you had to face?

I won’t say I have achieved a lot as of yet. As actors, we are always struggling. We are always striving to achieve something. You want your first movie to do well then, you want your second movie to do well. It is an ongoing process. By God’s grace, I am from a good family, I have already done modeling and then I got into television. I got awards for them and now making my way into a movie career. My struggles were never like I was on the streets but I still have a long way to go.  My long term goal will be I want to do good work and good acting. My roots are from television, I will never shy away from them. I am being selective about first debut movie. I want to give my fans whatever they deserve.


You have a hectic schedule. You must have a lot of stress, mental and physical. Are there any particular techniques to unwind emotionally and physically?

Honestly there are no particular techniques as such. There are different situations that can give you anxiety. You may have had a break up, you may not be getting good work, and you may have had a family feud. What I do at those times to calm me down is to look at a person who is going through even worse hardship than me.  I believe in “Apne se upar wale ko dekh k muh lal nahi karte, apne se neeche wale ko dekh k khush raho”( Don’t be sad by looking at people who are above you, look at the people who are lesser privileged than you and be happy). First of all one should be satisfied with what they have and grateful for whatever they have. 

I like travelling; I like to be with my family and all my loved ones. I surround myself with positive people, who talk good, who feel good and that sort of calms me down.


What is your opinion on mental health in India? As an actor, you would know that there is a lot of emphasis on physical health like getting a good physique but there isn’t so much of emphasis on getting a healthy mind. Do you think it is fair?

 I think they are interrelated. If you are physical fit and everything, you automatically feel good about yourself. You feel confident. For anything, if you need to have a proper system and if you follow it properly, it will help you with your physical fitness and mental fitness. If you know you are being good, be positive, you will be happy and no one can stop you from achieving your goals.

But, of course you must take care of your mental health ideally. We do everythings in our quest to be happy after all.


Do you think having good physical health and not just a good physique but an overall good physical health is somehow connected to being happy and good mental health?

Of course. As, an actor I think having a good physique is quite mandatory. I am not saying for good acting, you need good body but for me at least it has been an essential part of my job. So, when I know I am doing good with my job, I automatically feel good. Keeping you physically fit means you are taking care of yourself and loving yourself. Our bodies are temples we live in. We have to respect it. So, if you are fit, you can jump, run and do whatever you want which will definitely boost your happiness.


5 tips that you would like to give away for the youngsters who wants to achieve something and make it big based on what your success matras are:

1.       Believe in yourself

2.      Keep working on yourself

3.      Be good, do good. Karma will be good to you too.

4.      Be positive

5.      Love your loved one and definitely have fun

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