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Breakup with girlfriend/boyfriend is a leading cause of Depression in Young Indians!

05 Apr 2016

Heartbreak can be distressful at any point of time in life. That feeling of emptiness, feeling lost and hoping that this is all just a bad dream and will wake up with everything being perfect with your girlfriend or boyfriend again, is something everyone having an heartache goes through. 
Saying that it was just a relationship, you will find love again, move on for now is common but it is not so easy to get that actually done. Some people do cope easily while some resort to severe stress or even depression, or use bad methods of coping such as alcohol or drugs, and risk taking behavior, ultimately affecting work and other personal relationships. Be it a long term relationship or a short term relationship, heart breaks can become very devastating. Coping with heartbreaks is a major issue among the young adults(aged between 18-28years) and a lot of them end up in depression or even suicides.
Anjan, a fun loving 23 year old, works for an MNC as a software developer. He was in a relationship with this girl who he loved with all his heart since high school and his girlfriend was also his neighbor. After settling down with his job, he decided to talk to her parents about their 
marriage. He was away for a lot of months and he was immensely excited about seeing her again and moreover, because the wait was finally over and she was going to be with him forever. When he arrived at his home, he just didn’t know what news was waiting for him. His girlfriend was already engaged to someone else and would be getting married to him in a couple of months. 
Anjan felt the blow so hard that he just didn’t know how to react. Should he be angry, should he be sad or should he just feel miserable? He also didn’t how what to react at. Should he react because his girlfriend didn’t tell him that news or should he react because the love of his life will become some else’s and he can’t practically do anything about it.  He tried to talk to his girlfriend but she just said she is sorry and can’t undo anything that has been done. And did that make anything easier for Anjan? NO!.
He came back to the place where his job was but nothing mattered to him anymore. He would take sick leaves and stay in his room all day without eating anything, he spent so many sleepless nights that it began to show on his health, he wouldn’t participate in any of his work activities and avoided any other social interactions. He would flip though old pictures or letters related to his girlfriend and wouldn’t respond at anything. His performance began to drop at work and his friends stopped inviting him to gatherings because he would reject them anyway. He would get drunk in his room and would drunk dial his ex girlfriend, even got a police threat from her for  harassing her. He obsessively stalked her on facebook and would check her pictures and what 
was she upto. One day he saw her candid and happy pictures with her husband and then he looked at himself in the mirror. He looked ghastly with hollow eyes and unkempt beard. He knew he needed help. He knew he needs to get on with his life because his ex girlfriend is never coming back, but he just didn’t know how.
He came across and booked online "ease the heart break's ache" sessions. It started with de stressing him and eventually he completely got over his ex girlfriend. He started going good again at his job and socially too. He is totally fine with ex girlfriend being with someone else. He even makes jokes about that. As his friends think, Anjan is himself again.
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