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You don't need Personality Development ! You need Self-Love!

27 Mar 2016

Personalities are Vivid and beautiful. Steve Jobs was an outlier and not the Mr. congeniality from personality stand point. However he excelled like no one could in present day world. What was then the reason behind his stellar success?? The Answer is his enhanced "Self-Concept".

Enhanced Self Concept means that the person believes in self, is confident and plays to his/her indiviudal strengths while minimising play on his/her sensitivities".  Thats what we focus on here at when someone comes for "Personality Development" 

This is the story of Kriya who came to ePsyClinic 

“I was always compared to my sister, who clearly was I think better than me in every aspect. She was confident and extremely social. It was rather easy for her to mesmerize everyone with her stories and jokes, while I was a quiet child who preferred listening to others over telling my own. I always thought I don’t have anything interesting to say and I didn’t want to bore anyone. Perhaps, this inner guilt and self- doubt made me socially alienated and unwanted. While it was something natural for people to crack jokes, enjoy parties and make friends, I had to rehearse and put extra efforts to make myself socially visible and appropriate. Sadly, it wasn’t what others were doing, it was what I did to myself”. – Kriya


Kriya opted for Psychoanalysis after undergoing many ‘Personality Development Classes’ that didn’t seem to help her in any way. When she worked with a psychoanalyst at ePsyClinic, She realized that she couldn’t learn to be someone else; the problem was how she saw and understood herself. Kriya thought of herself as an unwanted and mediocre person who needs to be ‘good enough’ to attract people. Perhaps, her entire life and each moment became a performance that she put up to seek acknowledgement and love. It was both exhausting and suffocating for her.


Psychoanalysis helped Kriya realize what she really was and helped her realise her strengths & play to them while accepting her flaws. Over the course of sessions, she could feel that being herself was nothing to be ashamed of; rather, she was different and special in her own ways. The sessions also helped her realize that in thinking of herself as a mediocre person, she was also projecting it onto others.

In other words, despite what others thought of her, her own imagination of herself made her believe that everyone thinks low of her. Kriya could have spent her entire life thinking she wasn’t good enough and seeking acceptance and approval from others. However, with psychoanalysis, her self- acceptance and realization of how she interpreted the world made her less harsh on herself and more relaxed in her attitude. She developed an enhanced concept of self. 


Kriya still speaks less and is awkward with cracking jokes, but she knows what she is and has come to be at peace with it. When she stopped trying to be someone else, others stopped expecting her to be someone else. She now has a group of close friends, is successful interior designer and is socially sought for because of her knowledge and confidence and perhaps, walks with a smile!

Kriya is now less concerned about what others think of her, because she knows that it is beyond her control. However, she has come to be very good with what she thinks of herself and how she comes across to others. From a silent, socially- unwanted woman, Psychoanalysis found a silent, confident woman. Perhaps, it was always in her hands to change the way her social life worked!

The most important Benefit of Self-Concept Enhancement over Personality Development is that self concept enhancement is lasting. It doesn't fade away. It uniquely positions you to win on your own individual strengths and potential! 

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This therapy is recommended for anyone above 16 years of age. 

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