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Husband Wife are true comapnions yet this relationship suffers

26 Mar 2016

It’s an irony, that husband-wife relationship is the most important and a closest bond, but yet the most vulnerable to fights, hurt and emotional pain.

Husband and wife are companions who not only share their personal space, sexual needs and day with each other.

They are called companions and this word has a very deep meaning. It holds the essence of this relationship. As a companion you share your daily experience, your domestic responsibility, your professional responsibility, your holidays, your house, and your friends. Its one relationship that you nurture every day and one where you grow in many folds from being husbands and wife, to daughter in law and son in law to being mom and dad.


So what makes this relationship go off balance? Few things that we can reflect back with our experience on marital counselling are:


·Differences in upbringing which is reflected in both the partners way of living, way of approaching life, value systems and even way of responding to emotional needs of each other.

·Inability to communicate needs/concerns effectively.

·The intricacy and dependency of the relationship leaves the couple vulnerable to make assumptions based on their views. This often leaves room for a lot of misunderstanding.

·Inability to balance your relation with your spouse and that of your parents or other family members.

·Appreciating each other likes, hobbies, friend circle and individuality. Very often, especially women make their husbands the only focus of their lives. As a result the individual space that one needs becomes blurred leading the other partner feeling suffocated in the relation. A lot of men coming to us with an issue of they not getting their space and freedom.

·An ever increasing burden of responsibilities that fall on the couple, also leave them feeling stress and frustrated.

Inability to explain and feel understood leads to a lot of psychological and mental issues.

·         Feeling of stress

·         Severe anxiety

·         Depression if the problems go on for a long time

·         Sleep problems

·         Problems with concentration especially at work

·         Unhealthy environment of the house.

·         Poor parenting.


A lot of couples make an attempt at their levels to make matters well and their relationship stronger. However, not all get success. That’s where professional help of our counsellor can be of great help. A counsellor offers an unbiased perspective to the couple and helps them to see the pattern of discord in their relation.

A counselling session 1st begins with individual session with the men and the wife where both get an opportunity to be heard and understood.

Post this in a joint sessions, concern to both are brought to discuss in the presence of a counsellor where he/she helps them to see how they are contributing to the issue and also how else could they address it in a healthy way. 

If you love each other yet are struggling in a tough marital relationship, then help for you is right here at

Just click the pink chat button and type "MR" to instantly connect with a psychologist and know more about process and charges. 

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