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A wife's love is one of the most unshakeable! It stays

21 Mar 2016

Often you find yourself laughing at jokes or mockery on husband’s ‘misery’ or how a wife extorts from her husband, circulating on other social media. However, that is one stereotype that needs to be broken. 95% of wives support their husbands in financial crisis, 93% support in all illnesses. Majority of care for unwell husband comes from the woman of the house, not even from his parents or any other family member.  Every time I read one of those jokes, I am reminded of Sarju (Name Changed).


Sarju was 24 years old when her parents got her married. She was working as a teacher in school. She had aspirations in her life. She wanted to study more and become a University professor. But then, her parents found a surgeon who was 12 years elder to her as a match for her and who can deny a Surgeon! Sarju left her job and moved in with her husband. If not being a University professor, Sarju settled down for a big house, comfortable living and a loving husband. Her husband jokingly said, You will have everything now becuase of Me.

But things began to take different turns in a few months. Her husband had a serious drinking problem. Her husband would be busy with work all day and every night he would drink till he almost passed out and sometimes he would get verbally aggressive on Sarju too. Sarju was reeling from all that when her husband fell extremely sick and Sarju got to know that she is pregnant!

Few years later, her husband had less work, meaning less income. Sarju had a son too. Financially it wasn’t very pleasant. Sarju had to take care of all the household, her in-laws, her son and her husband most importantly. She would spend her nights wide awake looking after her husband, cleaning after him. Her husband would often tell her that she can still find a husband and should move on. That she should not put up with this as her husband can neither physically love her nor take care of finances.. But she said " I am here for you!". 

She would wipe her tears and keep caring  The caregiver stress, the financial strain and the maternal and family responsibilities were all taking a toll on her. She started to feel depressed. She had stopped caring for herself, was irritable or had sudden crying spells, stopped responding and completely cut herself off from any social interactions.

 Her brother visited her once and was devastated after seeing his sister’s condition. He wanted to take his sister away but Sarju wouldn’t go because she has to take care of her husband! Obviously, her brother couldn’t compromise with Sarju’s mental health anymore. He booked a series of sessions for his sister with Sarju was constantly in touch with her psychologist. And soon she started seeing things more realistically and positively. Her husband's alcoholism was also managed where his counseling was undertaken by a clinical psychologist and on counselor's advise a proper rehabilitation plan laid out. Amidst all these, Sarju was constantly beside her husband. She read stories and news to him, watched movies and sometimes would cook his favorite meal and have an enjoyable dinner with him. Now she says, “ My love for him should make everyone one happy, especially him! If my love is not doing anybody any good, how can that be love!”

Today her husband is recouping and he is thankful to her. When the entire world stood at a distance, his wife stood by him, took care of him, loved him so deeply. That is the love of a woman, a wife and we Salute it!

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