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Men & Constant Stress.. What's the connection?

16 Mar 2016

Sheila was under a lot of work pressure. She ranted to her friend over the phone on her way back from office. Once home, she talked about it with her husband, even cried a little. Her husband made her a cup of tea and hugged her until she fell asleep. She woke up an hour later, feeling better.


Rajesh faced a similar situation. Constant deadlines and work pressure was getting to him. He went home, locked himself into his study, held his aching head, had a drink and fell onto bed, tired.

A similar situation elicits different reactions from different people, especially when it comes to gender based differences. The above situation was similar for both Sheila and Rajesh but they reacted to it differently resulting in varying outcomes for both.

Men and women have been seen to respond differently to situations when under stress. Women take out the time to resolve their feelings while men either give up and give into addictions or charge ahead and make snap decisions for how to resolve the situation at hand. The sexes are seen to have different brain activation patterns during the decision-making process.

Men appear to be more motivated to act quickly when under stress while women slow down and think things though. When under stress, men are more prone to take risks like gambling, unsafe sex, smoking, drinking and illegal drug use.

Men these days are under tremendous pressure from all ends. Not only do they have to juggle family and work, the pressure from all realms is a constant source of stress. Some common sources of stress include-

· Finances - Timely payment of bills, providing luxuries, maintaining family budget

· Work pressure – late nights, meetings, performance pressure

·  Family – Attending family functions, managing expectations

Men do not deal with stress the way women do. They have trouble putting their feelings into words and usually bottle things up which makes them more prone to the damages of stress. It is also in part due to the gender based roles and expectations that are assigned to men. They are supposed to be manly and strong. Sharing of feelings has been discouraged ever since childhood and that’s the learning they take into their adulthood as well. Men resist asking for help as they feel it will make them seem weak.


The first step here is to recognize the symptoms of stress. Are you feeling one or more of the following?

·  Inability to sleep

·  Loss of concentration

·  Feeling fatigued easily

·  Forgetfulness

·  Irritability

·  Lack of motivation

·  Recurring headaches

·  Muscular aches

·  Indulging in addictions often


Once you recognize, you are undergoing stress. It’s time to seek help. At ePsyClinic, we cater to men who come up with problems related to stress. In more than 30 % of such interactions, they have been motivated by their wife or mother to seek help when they were reluctant to. Just Click the GREEN Chat button on left and Type Hi to instantly connect to an ePsyClinic Expert to know more about the process and charges 


Some ways to deal with stress

At ePsyClinic, we cater to individual stressors of each client and make an individualized stress management plan. However, here are some general tips to deal with stress that are universally helpful.

1) Exercise. Exercise releases endorphins making you feel better about yourself. It reduces the risk of both physical and mental disorders. You can walk to your work from the bus stop or metro station, use stairs instead of elevator, go for an evening walk, or pair up with your partner to exercise.

2) Deep Breathing. Relaxing is important. Concentrating on your breathing relaxes your body and mind and rejuvenates you.

3) Sleep well. Ensure 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Maintain sleep hygiene.

4)  Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. These not only play havoc with your health, but also your finances and interpersonal relationships.

5)  Social interactions. Talking to family and friends makes you go beyond your personal life and learn from them as well. It gives you time off from your tensions as well as helps by sharing your troubles with loved ones. Reach out to colleagues at work, have coffee with a friend, go for a movie, dine out with your partner, go to gym with a workout buddy.

6) Time Management. Keep a to-do list, schedule tasks, have planners in order to manage time in the best manner. Arrange tasks by priority and work on them in that order to avoid last minute deadlines and stressors related to it.

7) Be Assertive. Learn to say no. Sometimes taking on too much responsibility stresses you out. Only do as much as you can. Taking on additional responsibility adds to your stress.


How can you help men in your life?

If a man in your life is facing symptoms of stress, you can help him realize what’s happening and can refer him to us here at Alternatively, if you aren’t sure he’s under stress or it’s something usual, you can book a session and talk to us to clarify your doubts regarding his condition.  


With present times, stress is imperative and can’t be avoided. What remains in your hands is how to deal with it. Stress can me effectively managed if you are tuned into yourself and seek help when you realize you can’t handle it by yourself anymore. Being vulnerable isn’t being weak. It’s a strength to know when external help would benefit you.


Just Click the GREEN Chat button on left and Type Hi to instantly connect to an ePsyClinic Expert to know more about the process and charges 


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