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How to raise your daughters to be leader, Changes at home and in your psyche!

14 Mar 2016

Your daughter will be a star & a leader, if you remember and practice these 5 tenets from the science of Leadership Development & Psychology!


Let Her be Bossy & Leader Like

 Don't stop her from picking heavy stuff, for being loud, for being a leader as a child, let her assert, let her get her way out and let her fight her way to win.  

Believe in Your Daughter

 Don't let even subconsciously, the thought come in your mind that your daughter won't succeed as much as any one's son. It matters as your belief will be your daughter's belief too. Children observe closely and are sensitive to your imagination..

Allow her to fail and start again

We don't give our daughters opportunity to fail and start again but without failures, there are no successes. Once a girl fails a math test or fails a driving test, it suddenly becomes about her gender. We need to stop that. Give her ample opportunities to fail but never make the failure about her gender. Once that association is made in her mind, every time she is in a similar situation, her psyche will tell her she can't or that others perceive she can't, both the thoughts will impact her confidence to perform.

Look Within

 Avoid any conscious or sub-conscious biases  that you may be conveying to your daughter. Encourage her to stand up for herself and be independent right from the start. For instance, allow her to travel by public transports, talk to the plumber etc

Make her feel Unique and Special

Seek her advice and tell her that her suggestions are important. Be it family matter or business, let her be aware of it all and speak up her mind. The platform you provide your daughter at young years, will be a stepping stone for her to raise her opinions in more important matters, later in life. Similarly encourage her to participate in public speaking forums, debates, extracurricular activities at school and college etc.

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