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Hemant's unconditional love for his wife!

10 Mar 2016

Hemant, had a decent job and got married to the love of his life and started planning a family too. At the age of 26, when he thought everything was sorted out, his wife got diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Even though the doctors told him that the survival chances are minimal, Hemant had to give his best shot. He consulted all the best doctors, took several opinions and put every bit of himself into the treatment of his wife. He would do overtime in his office and also take care of his wife by staying awake all night. He used to dress her up.. love her and live for her...

 He didn’t know if it will work out but he was desperate to make things work. He had put in all of his saving and possessions into the treatment. 

He sold everything he had, borrowed money from everyone around him and saved his wife.. His pure love for her saved her. He lost all in the process but that was not a matter of concern to him. 

He did slip into depression having lost too much in life.. A friend of his referred him to us at ePsyClinic. We helped him come out of the depression that set in because of suffering so much personally and professionally! But his love is what makes us all proud..


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