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A wife who was cheated by her husband... Found her happiness again!

08 Mar 2016

Swati was just like us- she was beautiful- both inside and outside, she was sensitive and she was professionally successful.

Swati was managing her life well with her responsibilities and her own interests, unaware of the fact that her husband has been cheating on her. She wasn’t a fool to not realize this that it was just her, emotionally and mentally invested in her relationship.

She could not have imagined failing in a relationship which had been her priority and strength. Swati did all she could to make her relationship work but often, even everything wasn’t enough.


Swati, the mother of 2 was left by her husband without any explanation or closure for a much younger girl when she came for therapy at ePsyClinic.

It was a shock for her; it was abandonment. She was angry, hurt, pained and perhaps, failing. To add to the misery, there was no one who acknowledged her feelings and she was expected to be “strong” for her kids.

Often our culture overlooks such traumas and fails to recognize what it does to the partners. Swati felt that she was not good enough and that she won’t be able to sail through the rough patches of life.

However, therapy helped her see what really pained her and how she can work through her trauma. She had always been a ‘perfect’ wife since the relationship meant the world to her. Her family was all she needed and to assure that they love her back, she tried to keep everyone happy and satisfied. However, when her husband cheated on her, she felt that people could ditch her anytime even if she does everything right. Perhaps, her fear of abandonment came true and she lost her worth and confidence.


Therapy helped Swati that her desperateness to keep people with her was only creating a pressure on her.

Perhaps, just because she is born in this gender does not mean that she has to serve the world at her cost.

She eventually gained her confidence and realized how she really wants her life to be. The pain of a broken marriage and the absence of a loved one cannot heal that easy, but Swati is now more comfortable with her faulty, yet beautiful self. She has opened a boutique and enjoys her work, while she celebrates the immense respect she acquires from her kids and other people. As she begins to trust herself, one feels that she will also be prepared to invest her trust again in someone, if needed be.


Swati, the mother of 2 was ditched, yet Swati, the beautiful successful woman survived. 


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