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A woman Assualted as a child rose up her pain and agony.. to be Strong Force!

08 Mar 2016

“That man was thrice the age of mine. I could have been his granddaughter. Our families were very close. We would visit each other all the time. The man and his wife would take care of me when my parents would be away.

His wife would cook wonderful things for me and the man would bring chocolates and toys for me. The man loved playing with me. Playing was all that he insisted I should do with him, although, the ‘playing’ that he suggested was very different than the kind of playing one usually thinks of. But, then I was only 5 years old, what did I knew!

So, it all started when I was 5. My dad used to tell me all sorts of stories about this man how he had been there for him and had been like a father figure. I believed my father and trusted the man despite what he used to do to me. During our ‘play’ sessions, he would often feel me up at certain inappropriate places, and when I would ask him, he would say “I am like your grandfather, this is how I love you.” As years passed, the ‘play’ sessions started becoming more painful and more private. When I couldn’t hold back my screams, he would cover my mouth with his hands, and whisper to my ears, “This is how we play. And if you stop coming to me or tell anyone about our play, you will die, your mother and your father will die.” And I believed him. I was only 8.   

The play sessions kept on going till I was 12. I knew what was happening to me by then. I managed to avoid going to his house but the fear and anger that was inside me was crippling me. I would jump up at anyone’s touch. I couldn’t talk to people, especially strangers. I couldn’t make social interaction, I never wanted go to public places like restaurants. I was the ‘awkward’ kid at school and other children would make fun of me all the time.

At the age of 24, I got a job of an accountant because I wanted minimal social interaction. I wasn’t getting promoted because I couldn’t give presentations and interviews. I didn’t have friends and couldn’t have a relationship because any little physical contact would shake me up. I knew it was time to put my past in the past.”

That was the story of Mrinalini Sharma, a child abuse survivor. She signed up for therapy and counseling at ePsyClinic and this story has been shared because she wanted us to share it...

She was liberated as she talked about everything that happened to her. After few sessions, her social skills improved significantly. She started thinking of a more social career and has more friends.

She even got the courage to tell her parents what happened a child to her... while her abuser wasnt alive any more, she was relieved that his monstrous image got naked and came out in front of her father..

She had suffered enough & now we support her so that she may live her life like she should. She is getting better and living in her present now.  


If you or someone you know has battled a sexual assault and abuse, you are a warrior and a survivor! Do not let your self confidence go away.. If you are finding it difficult to cope or get past, you can get complete help and freedom to be your self and un-do your pain here at

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