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A wife who took charge & worked on her broken relationship ...

08 Mar 2016

Anjali, a 33-year old working professional, had been married for over 5 years. Her relationship on outside was like any other usual relationship, but to Anjali it seemed like a living hell. Initial years of marriage required some adjustment, but her initial days never ended, her struggle to adjust in the relationship continued even till their 5th anniversary and yet nothing seemed to work. 


She often felt her husband did what his parents wanted him to do, and as a result he never did anything special for Anjali. While he never hit her, the emotional pain Anjali suffered from was tremendous. According to Anjali, her in-laws determined the rules of their relationship. Anjali and her husband never sat alone after coming back from work, never went for a holiday alone, shopping was not a ‘man thing’ in their family and dinners were usually confined to occasions, which were almost always with family. All these things often led to fights, arguments and disagreements between the two. 


Though both tried to work things out by themselves, it always made things worse. Families always told Anjali to adjust, since that’s what girls are meant to do. As a result, on their 5th Anniversary, Anjali had decided that she will walk out of her marriage. However, upon a friends suggestion, Anjali decided to seek counseling to get over her anger, frustration and feeling of Depression.


When Anjali came for counseling she had lost hope that her relationship would ever work. She seemed low, disturbed and had even started feeling a lack of interest in anything she did. Her performance at work was also at an all time low. She had troubles concentrating, meeting targets or even understanding some of the work given to her. She felt like a complete victim and had lost her confidence in herself. We began our counseling sessions initially with working on Anjali and helping her bring her self-confidence back.


Post a few sessions, Anjali restored her confidence on herself and decided that she wanted to give one last try to her relationship.  She again went to her husband and spoke to him. Though she had done this earlier too, it was different this time. Unlike other times, Anjali did not break down this time while talking to her husband, she was much more emotionally stronger this time, knew what she wanted to talk about. Unlike previous times, she didn’t sound negative in front of her husband. Her positivity, her thought clarity, and her confidence in herself convinced her husband to give it one last to the marriage via counseling.


Anjali and her husband then started coming for counseling. During the process both were made to realize their drawbacks in the relationship and were asked to work on themselves keeping in mind their partner’s expectations and their own respective limitations.


During the process, both of them were also coached on their communication skills, expressions and empathy as well as aligned on their own as well as their partner’s pattern and coping styles. Visible changes were evident in both of them with in a month of therapy. As time and sessions progressed so did their understanding levels and love for each other progressed.


Today, Anjali has got her smiles back, feeling empowered and loved. While her husband, who too felt a void in his life now has taken up the responsibility of Anjali and has started making efforts in the relationship.


This is how a beautiful Anjali, took up the charge of her relationship and convinced her husband to give another life to her broken relationship.

If as Anjali, you see your marriage on the rocks, do not wait.  Time may only increase the distance, Instead seek help now!


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